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A new beginning.


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Crown Prince Solomon IV steps out of his lavish African beach home to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. He stretches,
grabs his coffee off his maid's tray, and says, "Today's going to be a good day for this family."

Solomon walks over to his computer and posts a notice on a large media website. In the message, Solomon schedules a
press conference in one week at his Southwest African home. He urges countries to send foreign affair correspondents.
Everyone and anyone is welcome.


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Crown Prince Solomon steps out into the large tent assembly set up by his staff. He's astonished by the lack of media and foreign representitives.

[i]People must not care about history being made. Let's continue. Get a camera crew, we'll tape an announcement.[/i]

In what seems to be an instant, a cameraman and crew is produced and setup. Solomon, decked out in a fancy pinstripe suit
with a fancy blue tie, steps out onto the podium stage. He throws up a thumbs up, and the lights come on. The room slowly fills
with the Golan royal family and distinguished friends. Among the crowd is Crown Prince Ammon X, Solomon's brother and right
hand man. Another thumbs up by the crown prince, and the recording has begun.

[i] Hello my friends, family. Welcome distinguished guests of the royal family. It seems that no other nations have shown interest
into what is being set into motion today. That's fine by me, more shrimp cocktail for me![/i]

A dull laughter is set over the room, which quickly turns back to stern faces.

[i] With all jokes aside, real and serious business needs to be done here. Now some may wonder, "who is this joke-cracking crackpot,
and why is he wasting my time?". Well I assure you that this will not be a waste of time. For too long, the Golan royal family has set
in idol shame and mediocracy. It's time to bring this family back into the limelight. Some don't even know who we are, where we are from,
and what we believe in. All those questions will be answered, and more.

A little background into our history as a family. Starting in 3100BC, the now-defunct Kingdom of Golan ruled the lands of western Africa
until around 1500BC. All of these people sitting in the front row here are descendants of the great King Admantis of Golan. Including me.
It's time that our family's honor and tradition is restored, and the defunct kingdom be resurrected. Using the vast wealth of the royal family,
I have set claim, and will purchase lands in southwestern Africa for this to happen.[/i]

Solomon motions to the assistant standing near a display. He flips the cover page to reveal the following image.


[i]People will be upset that they missed this opportunity. Any questions should be directed to my brother, Ammon. More news to come.[/i]

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[b]Office of Kaiser Frederick I[/b]
Unfortunately Kaiser Frederick I of Bohemia cannot send a representative to the press conference of the Kingdom of Golan due to the fact that our nation is under the control of occupying forces of the Greater Nordic Empire. However in the near future we will open diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Golan, but we must first deal with this problem at home.

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Arctica reserved recognition for the time being. "It appears that there is no basis for the statehood of Golan other than the desire for an ancient royal family to restore its status. While the claims that your family has remained cohesive over the millennia, if true, are quite impressive, this has little bearing in today's political perspective. Arctica does not see ancestry as a sole qualifying factor of the right to rule, especially when such rule has been interrupted by thousands of years. And Arctica does view recognize those governments who rule without the consent of the people as legitimate; it is doubtful that many in the modern world hold allegiances to ancient royalty. Even then, the land was purchased, and without free and fair elections the consent of the people to Golan rule cannot be ascertained.

Why should the Union grant formal state recognition to Golan?"

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"The Kingdom of Golan provides opportunities for the people of these lands to prosper and succeed. If the people do not wish to do so, they are more than welcome to leave. However, Golan's sovereign rights will NOT be negated due to time. Also, Arctica should recognize that in the coming weeks Golan will be holding elections for a 100 seat parliament, and many other ratifications and amendments. Our nation is new, and still developing. While Golan understands Arctica's concern for the welfare of it's continent's peoples, we assure them that the citizens of the Kingdom of Golan will not be abused or harmed in anyway by our government. Our objectives are to provide security and peace in these lands, all while resurrecting a defunct monarchy. We welcome Arctica to open private channels of diplomacy to resolve this matter, and to answer any questions they have for the Kingdom of Golan. We thank all other nations for their hospitality and willingness to recognize."

"Onto another subject, The Kingdom of Golan is looking to commission 1500 mercenaries to act as a temporary policing force in our nation. Any nation wanting to bid for a contract may do so. The mercenaries must be well trained and well equiped to police medium sized villages and to guard borders."

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"Arctica thanks Golan for its timely and informative reply to our concerns. It is reassuring to hear that an elected legislature is being formed. On a related note, the Human Rights and Liberties Society of Arctica, an NGO campaigning for human and social liberties, has asked the government of Arctica to sponsor a number of the Society's volunteer electoral observers to schedule a visit to Golan at the time of the legislative elections for the purpose of monitoring and reporting the fairness of elections. If Golan accepts this offer, Arctica will sponsor these observers and pay for all travel and accommodation costs incurred."


Following Golan's announcement that they were looking for mercenaries, [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=101329"]Hourglass International[/url] took notice and offered several of its light infantry units for police work, as well as to help train Golan's police force, and if desired, their military. Given that Hourglass also specialized in VIP protection, it was noted that they could enter into personal protection contracts with high-profile individuals such as prominent politicians, business leaders, or the royal family. Hourglass' portfolio includes service with Austrian Republican forces during the Austrian Civil War, under the command of Bridgette Saenger, but any details beyond that were kept confidential, per company policy.

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