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It Begins...

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[size="1"]Our glorious leader, what a man...[/size]

It has been 1 year since the founding of Team Rocket, and we have never looked back. There have been many people who have tried and fail to destroy and crush us, but we have soldiered on and grown ever more powerful.


We started as a simple group, with only the glorious leader in charge. Over time, the magnificent Lutai came along and assisted in the growth of the group. From there, people from all kinds of different trades came and signed their name on the dotted line. Team Rocket are truly an international organisation.


After hearing many nice and positive things about the SOS Brigade and their security, the glorious leader tasked me with the very special task of discussing politics and security measures in order to better improve how Team Rocket can become even better.

[code][2011-07-24 00:48:11] <Nya> Are there any SOS Brigade officials here?
[2011-07-24 00:49:27] <Evangeline> Piro-chan, respond!
[2011-07-24 00:50:51] <Piro-chan> What is it what is it?
[2011-07-24 00:51:01] <Piro-chan> I just woke up ._.
[2011-07-24 00:51:19] <Nya> I have a question I need answering.
[2011-07-24 00:51:27] <Piro-chan> Yes, what is it?
[2011-07-24 00:51:32] <Nya> ...and as Locke, who has most knowledge about this question isn't online...
[2011-07-24 00:51:43] <Nya> ...are Cat Girls furry or not?
[2011-07-24 00:51:53] <Evangeline> ...
[2011-07-24 00:52:01] <Piro-chan> ...why is this question about porn...
[2011-07-24 00:52:09] <Piro-chan> ..but yes
[2011-07-24 00:52:11] <Nya> It's an important question.
[2011-07-24 00:52:14] <Evangeline> Why need an official for that? 0_0[/code]


As you can tell, they were very knowledgeable about this which left me happy. So happy in fact, I could play with a ball of twine... Anyway, I moved on with my well-thought out questioning in order to learn more essential information.

[code][2011-07-24 00:52:26] <Nya> I have another important question which needs addressing...
[2011-07-24 00:52:43] <Piro-chan> ...here's to hoping it's not about porn...
[2011-07-24 00:52:55] <Nya> ...is it alright to go out with more than one woman?
[2011-07-24 00:53:02] <Nya> As I'm currently seeing a police officer and a nurse.
[2011-07-24 00:53:21] <Evangeline> Still, why do you need an official for this?
[2011-07-24 00:53:30] <Nya> It's very important, Evangeline.
[2011-07-24 00:53:39] <Nya> ...and no other alliance has answers to these hard to answer questions.
[2011-07-24 00:53:50] <Evangeline> -_-
[2011-07-24 00:53:58] <Piro-chan> Depends on where you are, Nya.
[2011-07-24 00:54:04] <Nya> I'm in Japan, of course.
[2011-07-24 00:54:29] <Piro-chan> Personally I'd say don't go for polygamy, but if you can pull off a harem situation, go ahead.
[2011-07-24 00:54:42] <Evangeline> WTH
[2011-07-24 00:54:58] <Evangeline> 1. No, it is wrong.
[2011-07-24 00:55:19] <Evangeline> 2. Don't tell him it is right. It is still wrong.
[2011-07-24 00:55:40] <Piro-chan> I have to be objective.
[2011-07-24 00:55:47] <Piro-chan> It's an porn, ain't it.
[2011-07-24 00:55:51] <Evangeline> 3. How did you come to the name Nya?[/code]


From this, it was learnt that the SOS Brigade promotes polygamy, and is thus a perfect avenue to expand into. Little did they know that all nurses/policewomen look the same.

[code][2011-07-24 00:55:51] <Nya> http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/1544/helppleaseg.jpg - Which one should I promote?
[2011-07-24 00:55:51] <Piro-chan> A VN?
[2011-07-24 00:56:15] <Piro-chan> Those don't come with a solid answer, Nya.
[2011-07-24 00:56:19] * Evangeline facepalms
[2011-07-24 00:56:21] <Piro-chan> You have to burn the rope yourself.
[2011-07-24 00:56:24] <Nya> No, it's for a survey my alliance is carrying out.
[2011-07-24 00:56:53] <Piro-chan> Evangeline, he's talking about an porn. I knew he was the moment he said japan.
[2011-07-24 00:56:59] <Nya> Because Jessie, I can really see going far.
[2011-07-24 00:57:05] <Piro-chan> ...at least, I hope he is...
[2011-07-24 00:57:08] <Nya> However, Cassidy, can get work done.
[2011-07-24 00:57:15] <Evangeline> Piro, I still dislike it
[2011-07-24 00:57:34] <Nya> So can you help me out?
[2011-07-24 00:57:39] <Piro-chan> Statistical evidence: Giving people the option to do something harmlessly on a virtual world
[2011-07-24 00:58:03] <Piro-chan> reduces the probability that they will execute such actions in real life
[2011-07-24 00:58:16] <Nya> So, which one?
[2011-07-24 00:58:24] <Piro-chan> Nya, I'd say Cassidy
[2011-07-24 00:58:31] <Evangeline> Still it's... -_-
[2011-07-24 00:58:34] <Piro-chan> But Locke may have a different answer[/code]


Because of how much the SOS Brigade knows about women, it was suggested that we ask them who would be the best candidate for the job. Personally, the boss prefers Jessie, but the answers given were forwarded onto the boss. Meowth dat's right!


Thank you Meowth for that. Now with these important lessons learnt, Team Rocket shall always ready to take in female grunts. Please, feel free to join us, we'll make sure that you enjoy yourselves.


While we were preparing for our change of protectors, one of our grunts uncovered a blank disk. As a result, we have decided to broadcast the contents of it from Lavender Town's Tower.[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rMiiQ93CBU"]We expect it to be a most excellent experience.[/url][/center]

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