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Still Staving Off that Infernal Dustbin


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[quote author=Pollard]

Today Tetris celebrates its second anniversary. A lot has happened in the past year. We're going to take this opportunity to go over a few events that have marked the last 12 months for us.

Let's begin with the CIA merger into Tetris. This happened in September of last year, and allowed us to surpass 50 members and 1 million nation strength. We gained loyal active members such as Ali5541, Amos, Robony, Xander, Deadwartin and AnecdotalRabbit. All of these people (Save 1, damn you AR) remain in Tetris to this day and we cannot thank them enough for their loyalty and support. Many of these members now form part of the spine of Tetris, and we wouldn't be half the alliance we are today without them.

Our government lineup has changed at almost every election we have held. Members have come and gone and during the year we gained valuable members like Hereno and Mack (again), and many of these people have gone on to hold government positions resulting in the leadership of tetris growing stronger over time.

Over the past year, we have changed our FA policies to meet changing times in CN. We gained treaties with the New Sakura Order, Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes, State of Unified Nations, Defense and Counterstriking Order, The Armada Alliance and the Order of Misfit Nations. But at the same time, we have lost treaties with the SOS Brigade and Ragnarok, through no fault of our own, save for lack of communication between ourselves and RoK.

Though we have these pieces of paper, at the same time, we also have many friends in alliances all across Planet Bob. We welcome all diplomats to come and hang out with us, we're not as bad as we're made out to be :P. We look forward to the FA challenges that lie ahead for us.

We gained the opportunity to defend our allies during the PB-NpO war, and though we suffered greatly, we were able to hold our own against alliances much larger than ourselves. We lost over 50% of our NS and also lost many members. They still remain forever in our minds.

We have recently undergone a huge revival period. Our membership is up as well as our NS, which, we are pleased to announce, has recently surpassed [b]1 Million[/b] for the second time in our history. This time, the circumstances were similar, as our NS was again boosted by a merger, but this time, it was the People's Order of Truth which we welcomed into our ranks. We have gained even more active members who now form part of our alliance's community, such as Xplicit and dane0. We have grown beyond the simple concept of an "alliance". We are a family, a brotherhood, a collection of like minded individuals. Our friendship extends well beyond the realms of Planet Bob.

We are Demi Lovato
We are Pollard
We are Ali
We are Logan
We are USMC
We are Hereno
We are Granat
We are BladeX
We are Rhaemyr
We are Archer
We are Xander
We are Deadwartin
We are Mack
We are dane0
We are Xplicit
We are Amos
We are Sam Morgan
We are Troop
We are Tetris.

And so today we put the past year behind us, and look onwards to a new day. Here's to many more birthday announcements. May the goddess watch over us and guide us in the coming 12 months. Hail Tetridia.

In case you didn't notice from the quote tag, this was written by Pollard and posted by me cuz he's on vacation.


This crappy alliance is 2 years old.

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Congratulations, Tetris. I had the opportunity to get to know ali, amos, and other CIA members before the merger and they are good people that I'm proud to call friends. Tetris is definitely a better alliance for having them.

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o/ Tetris

As programmer of line completion, I make the following announcement : Free tech for all!*

*with non refundable deposit of 3 mil, you will recieve 50 free techs 10 days later.

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[quote name='youwish959' timestamp='1311865416' post='2766198']
So, when are you disbanding?

Tomorrow :P

[quote name='d3filed' timestamp='1311866501' post='2766207']
I thought this would be another protectorate.

Ok, I'm saying this objectively, this joke is old already.

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