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Blocs Stats - Version ?.?


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[color="#008000"][b]Most Nations:[/b][/color] XX(1466)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Lest Nations:[/b] [/color]PF(294)

[color="#008000"][b]Biggest NS:[/b][/color] XX(47.217,28)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Smallest NS:[/b][/color] PF(18386,60)

[color="#008000"][b]Biggest Avg. Str:[/b][/color] PF(65,50)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Smallest Avg. Str:[/b][/color] SF(32,77)

[color="#008000"][b]Best Tech/Infra Ratio:[/b][/color] PF(0.54)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Worst Tech/Infra Ratio:[/b][/color] Dr/Mj/CnG(0.40)

[color="#008000"][b]Most Nukes:[/b][/color] XX(12.129)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Lest Nukes:[/b][/color] SF(5422)

[color="#008000"][b]Most WRCs:[/b][/color] PB/DH(368)
[color="#FF0000"][b]Lest WRCs:[/b][/color]SF(130)


[b]Today I received more statistics as a present from a mysterious gopher:[/b]

XX and SF share R&R, while Duckroll and MJ share Valhalla.

All nations in each bloc are ranked in order of nation strength. The result is as follows:





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[quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1311853352' post='2766086']
Doomhouse isn't a bloc :v:
Sure it is. But I'm not sure why DH and PB are just squished together. They are separate bloc, regardless of how many member they share. Also, AZTEC? Also, Mj is second in avg. nukes to Citadel 2.0. Not surprising, but pretty damn cool. Though we do have a lot of work to do.

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[quote name='Captain Flinders' timestamp='1311853838' post='2766087']
Sure it is.
No it's not. Doomhouse was my bloody idea, and it was always designed to be strictly a three way treaty, not a bloc.

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