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[center][size=5]Nuclear Insanity Accords[/size][/center]



[code] The Nuclear Proliferation League and the Random Insanity Alliance,
hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

Believing that global challenges and threats require new
approaches to interaction across the whole range of their
strategic relations,

Working therefore to forge a new strategic relationship
based on mutual trust, openness, predictability, and

Desiring to bring their respective nuclear postures into
alignment with this new relationship, and endeavoring to
expand further the role and importance of nuclear weapons

Seeking to preserve continuity in, and provide new impetus
to, the step-by-step process of expanding and proliferating nuclear
arms while maintaining the safety and security of their
nuclear arsenals, and with a view to expanding this process in
the future, including to a multilateral approach,

Guided by the principle of indivisible security and
convinced that measures for the expansion and proliferation of
strategic offensive arms and the other obligations set forth
in this Treaty will enhance predictability and stability, and
thus the security of both Parties,

Have agreed as follows:

1. Each Party agrees not to aim their nuclear weapons
at each other, only at others.

2. Each Party agrees to share information, especially about
threats to each other's nuclear stockpiles.

3. Each Party agrees not to share information, technology,
or other aid with those who are threatening the nuclear stockpiles
of the other.

4. Each Party agrees to share technology and aid, if requested,
to further each other's nuclear proliferation goals.

5. The Parties agree to create a joint nuclear proliferation
research center in Florida to research new ways to further
their nuclear proliferation.

6. The Parties agree they always have the option to combine
their nuclear stockpiles for use against a common target.

This Treaty shall be subject to ratification in accordance
with the constitutional procedures of each Party. This Treaty
shall enter into force on the date of the exchange of
instruments of ratification.

Each Party may propose amendments to this Treaty. If
either Party raises the issue of the modification of this
Treaty, the Parties shall jointly consider the matter. Agreed
amendments shall enter into force in accordance with the
constitutional procedures of each Party.

Each Party shall, in exercising its alliance sovereignty,
have the right to withdraw from this Treaty if it decides that
extraordinary events related to the subject matter of this
Treaty have jeopardized its supreme interests. It shall give
notice of its decision to the other Party. Such notice shall
contain a statement of the extraordinary events the notifying
Party regards as having jeopardized its supreme interests.
This Treaty shall terminate three days from the date of
receipt by the other Party of the aforementioned notice,
unless the notice specifies a later date.

Done at Florida, this twenty-seventh day of July, 2011.

For the For the
Nuclear Proliferation League: Random Insanity Alliance:
Triumvir of the Exterior: King Wally Shadow, Triumvir of Random Insanity,
Triumvir of the Interior: KemMo The Ultimate Lifeform,
Triumvir of the Defenses: Centurion Adamus Mystic Dragon Emperor
Lord of Foreign Affairs: Smurthwaite of the Cheeselands,
Lord of Defenses: Morjon Puppetmaster of Chaos
Lord of Education: Corps im317, Triumvir,
Lord of Recruiting: Whitegoodman Former Elder of PotD,
Lord of Information: Spaztik Muffin in search of new sig material
Croix - Head of Internal Affairs
Jenne - HoMO,
Promoting glowing stuff since 2006
cctmsp13 - Viceroy of Economics
Mogar, Head of Recruitment
Minister of Mogar Affairs
Minister of Attention
CN's Psychologist
All Around Nice Guy


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Dam work... left me late for the Party!!!


o/ RIA! :wub:
o/ NPL! :nuke:
o/ NUKES!!! B-)

[quote name='President S O' timestamp='1311744277' post='2764821']
NPL positioning... :awesome:

I got my eye on you, Wal. :P

Hey buddy!!! :D

Edited by King Wally
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[quote name='Thunder Strike' timestamp='1311760974' post='2765076']
If RIA and NPL made a baby it would look like this.


...that baby would totally be conceived in the back seat of the following car! :awesome:


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[quote name='im317' timestamp='1311780854' post='2765274']
the speed with which we got this treaty done is a testament to the growing friendship our alliances share.
Democracy and speed? What is this madness?

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