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Kingdom of Hyrule Announcement

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[b][center]Kingdom of Hyrule[/center][/b]

The Kingdom of Hyrule recently got a new charter.
[quote]Article I: Admission

A) Applying

1) Any nation who wishes to join the Kingdom of Hyrule (referred to as KoH for the rest of this document), may do so providing they meet the following criteria. They must:

-Not be involved in any ongoing wars.
-Not be aiding or accepting aid from anyone involved in any wars.
-Not be on any alliance blacklists.

2) If they do not meet the above criteria, the King or a member of Royal Council must vouch for them. Upon having their application approved, they will be masked as a "Kokiri" and will be moved on to the Royal Academy and assigned a mentor.

B) Academy

1) Every nation, unless vouched for by the King or a member of Royal Council, must go through the Royal Academy and do the following to graduate:

-Complete 1 cycle successfully of a 3x3 tech deal.
-Get on IRC and talk to a member of Parliament or the King at least once; to verify that they were there.
-Complete one infra jump (must have more than 1000 infrastructure).
-Complete a comprehensive exam to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the Royal Academy.

2) Upon graduation from the academy, they will be masked as a "Hylian," or, full member of KoH.

Article II: Structure of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Hyrule shall consist of the following levels of membership: Kokiri, Hylian, Deputy, Parliament Member, and King.

A) Kokiri

1) The Kokiri are all nations who are in the Royal Academy. They have precisely 14 days to complete the Academy upon being masked as a Kokiri. They do not hold the responsibilities of a Hylian.

B) Hylians

1) Hylians are the basic level of membership, upon which the Kingdom stands. Once they have gone through the Royal Academy of the Kingdom they become a Hylian and are responsible for their duties to the Kingdom.

a) A Hylian's Duties

1) The list of a Hylian's duties to the Kingdom includes, but is not limited to the:

-Daily checking of one's nation.
-Daily checking and partaking in of the KoH forums
-Willingness to work with fellow Hylians and the Royal Council on whatever matters their cooperation is needed with.

C) Barons

1) Each Duke is allowed to appoint one Hylian as their Department's Baron. This Baron will serve as their Department's second in command and is expected to be knowledgeable and active in said Department. The Baron will be in charge of their Department when their Duke is on leave of absence.

D) Members of the Royal Council

1) The Members of Royal Council consist of: Archduke, the Duke of Foreign Affairs, the Duke of Internal Affairs, the Duke of Economics, and the Duke of Defense. Each one, bar the Archduke, is in charge of their respective Department. The Archduke manages all of the Dukes to see to it that they do their jobs properly.

E) The King

1) The King has total power and makes all major decisions; aided by his Parliament.

2) The King’s decisions can only be overturned by a 4/5 vote of the Royal Council or a 4/5s vote of the Citizens of Hyrule (all members Hylian+) who vote.

Article III: Government

The government of the Kingdom of Hyrule shall consist of an elected Royal Council and a King.

A) Royal Council

The Royal Council oversees the daily activities of the Kingdom and serves as the King's advisors.

1) Archduke

The Archduke serves as the head of the Royal Council and makes sure that each Department is working as efficiently as possible to ensure the well-being of the Kingdom.

2) Duke of Foreign Affairs

The DoFA shall over see all matters concerning Foreign Policy. This includes running the Diplomat Corps, masking foreign diplomats, proposing treaties, and being the Kingdom’s main representative outside of the Kingdom’s walls.

3) Duke of Defense

The DoD shall oversee the Kingdom’s overall security. This includes managing the Hylian Army, overseeing military training, overseeing tech raids, approving nuclear strikes, and overseeing rogue/ghosts busts.

4) Duke of Internal Affairs

The DoIA shall over see all matters of the Kingdom’s internal security. This includes solving disputes among Citizens, overseeing the Academy, helping new members get settled into the Kingdom, masking new members, and recruitment.

5) Duke of Economics

The DoE shall over see the Kingdom’s financial security. This includes managing moderated tech deals, helping members set up trade circles, managing banks, and overseeing alliance growth programs.

B) Elections

Elections will be held quarterly (January, April, July, and October) to elect members of the Royal Council. The nomination process shall begin 2 days before the month of elections begins and shall last 48 hours. After the first nomination is accepted a Q/A and debate period shall be open which lasts 24 hours after nominations are closed. Once the debate period is over, a 48 hour election period shall begin. The DoIA oversees all elections unless the DoIA is running for a position, in which case the King shall oversee the elections.

C) The King

The King serves as the speaker for the Kingdom and makes all major decisions for the Kingdom. The King holds the power to expel any member from the Kingdom as he sees the need. The King also holds the power to declare war after having discussed it with his Royal Council

D) Impeachment and Removal from Office

1) Any citizen of Hyrule can call for the impeachment of any elected officer or the King if there is evidence of treason against the Kingdom, breaking of rules of the Kingdom or not properly fulfilling the duties of the office.

2) The call for impeachment must be seconded by another citizen in order to be brought before the alliance.

3) Impeachment proceeding shall last for 48 hours after the seconding of the call for impeachment to present evidence and debate the grounds of the charges.

4) A vote of no confidence shall be taken in the alliance leader which shall last for 48 hours. In order for the alliance leader to be found guilty of the charges, a super-majority of the alliance must have no confidence in said leader.

5) In the event a Duke is impeached, election proceedings shall begin after the vote of no confidence is confirmed to finish the particular Duke's term; in the event that the King is impeached or steps down the Parliament will appoint a new King with a 3/4s majority approval.

Article IV: Leaving

Anyone who wishes to do so may leave KoH at any given time. They must pay back all debts owed to the Kingdom or military action will be taken against them.

Article V: Amendments

Any Amendment to the Charter must be discussed for a period of 48 hours after which a period of voting will begin. In order for the Amendment to pass it must reach 3/4s of the voting membership (Citizens of Hyrule). The King also has the power to pass any charter amendment as he sees the need; with or without discussion.

And because of the new charter; here are the elected government officials of Hyrule.

[b]King[/b]: Britishdude
Archduke[/b]: Erik
[b]Duke of Internal Affairs[/b]: Moon
[b]Duke of Economics[/b]: Caleb
[b]Duke of Defense[/b]: Cultus Ferox
[b]Duke of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Nils

Come get to know our new gov in #Hyrule, or drop by our [url="http://cn-hyrule.net/forum/index.php"]forums[/url]. :)

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[quote name='Confusion' timestamp='1311708547' post='2764352']
It's nice to see someone who left your alliance while you were at war ends up as your leader. Congrats, nonetheless.


Well, considering that I'm the King I think that would make me the leader.... and since I fought every single day we were at war without going into peace mode or anything I don't think you're talking about me

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[quote name='Britishdude' timestamp='1311708620' post='2764353']
Well, considering that I'm the King I think that would make me the leader.... and since I fought every single day we were at war without going into peace mode or anything I don't think you're talking about me

My apologies... I missed 'King', xD. I was referring to Archduke. I was like "Wait, what... Britishdude resigned?"...


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