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A Bear In The Woods

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[center][size="7"]A Bear in the Woods[/size][/center]
[center]Click image to see reference.[/center]

[quote][b][u]Preamble [/u][/b]
In the spirit of friendship the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance and The Imperial Order (otherwise known as MCXA and TIO) make this pact to further our commitment to each other.

MCXA and TIO are separate and sovereign alliances.

[b]Mutual Defense[/b]
In the event that one of the signatories is attacked by another party, the other signatory is required to provide military, financial and diplomatic aid in whatever combination requested by the attacked alliance. The attacked alliance may also request that no aid be given.

[b][u]Optional Aggression[/u][/b]
Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war. Following the request is, however, voluntarily.

Should either party be declared on for their activation of an outside treaty the defense clause of this treaty becomes optional.

Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained that could prove useful or vital to the other. Both signatories agree to give advanced notifications of any future or pending treaties which cause mutual assistance.

If needed a party may cancel this agreement with 72 hours advance notice.

[i][u]For The Imperial Order[/u][/i][list]
[*]Scorponok; Imperial High Commander and true leader of the Deceptions.
[*]Stagger Lee, Imperial Commander, Sionister kommer til å hate
[*]Kahlan Rahl, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs, Storesøster of the Panserbjørne, Venn Til Alle.
[*]TodZumTeufel, Imperial Officer of War and Defense
[*]Cao Pai - Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs and Crazy Texan.
[*]flaggschiff von Welt, Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs
[*]Empeyrus, Imperial Officer of Membership Affairs, The Divine Light of Truth. The Nyan Cat of Imperia!


[u]For the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance[/u][list]
[*]Dookie On Drums

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So I saw the title and thought of that "does a bear !@#$ in the woods?" reference.

Then I saw the banner with the two signatories on it and my hypothesis was confirmed.

Also I refuse to click that banner because whatever reference you guys are making it's probably nowhere near as good as that.

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1311650281' post='2763812']
It would come down to how educated you are about history I suppose.


Truth be told, I actually did click and thought it was hilarious, but that didn't fit in with my post. :(

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I'm seeing some people are too shortsighted to see what was really meant by the question stated in the description.

Correct answer? Sign a treaty.

Edited by Cao Pai
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[quote name='MitchellBade' timestamp='1311654097' post='2763867']
So is your 'reference' a prelude to your declaration on the Communists of Planet Bob? Me thinks so. Watch yo back International! :rolleyes:

o/ TIO

If only.


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