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Rail Accident in the Republic of Finland

comrade nikonov

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The damaged area of track, already under repair.
[b]ESPOO[/b] Quiet life in the Republic of Finland was jolted suddenly today when a tragic rail accident occurred on the rapidly expanding railways of Republic of Finland. In the morning rush hour of July 24th, an elevated section of track on the Main Capital Line, an express line from the Finnish metropolis of Torku to the capital of Helsinki suffered a tragic structural failure as the S323 train was passing through. Investigators suspect that faults in the concrete originating from its construction led to a weak spot in the bridge, and became exacerbated by weathered and erosion in Finland's harsh climate. An entire section of track collapsed, dropping several carriages from a height up of to 20 feet. Local rescuers responded quickly to the incident, but the rush hour packing of carriages only increased casualties. As of now, with most of the wreckage cleared, casualty estimates lie 22 dead and 123 wounded, with 8 in intensive care. Metro and Rail Authorities have only commented slightly on the incident. According to Rail Authorities Spokesman S. Roohonen, "the technical fault in the elevated track is not only the fault of the construction contractor, but also the Rail Authority for failing to detect the defect before catastrophe struck. The journalist called and left messages for Metro Authority spokespersons, but no replies were received.

--------- Internet BBS Replies --------------

Finland4eva of Espoo writes: "The rail accident was very loud. Authorities arrived on scene promptly, but screams and cries for help chilled everyone in the vicinity."

Regalus88 of Torku writes: "I take the Main Capital Line all the time. I can't believe it could have happened so tragically.."

Helsa6d6 of Nokia writes: "The Finnish Government is definitely implicated... Without its breakneck rush to construct such flaws could not have happened so easily..."

OOC: I actually was on the Chinese Rail Network the night before the Wenzhou incident.. .scary stuff. On another note, the picture was also taken by me, of the new Beijing-Shijiazhuang High Speed Rail Line....

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