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My first post here


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I was wanting to know more information the game. Like what should I do starting out or where and what I should be reading.

I have found my alliance The ODN. So I think I got that cover. The main idea here is what should I be focusing all of my energy on.

Well Thank you for your time. You will be seeing a lot on the Forum. I hope to give my self a good name.

Enjoy your day.

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Firstly you should be on your Alliance's forums and start building up a relationship with your alliance mates. The larger nations are indispensable for learning more about the game.

At this point you should be growing your nation, possibly getting your alliance to send you an early kickback to get you going. Focus on reaching 199.99 Infrastructure and getting the Harbor and Foreign Ministry. Like usual, ask your alliance (ODN's Finance Ministry) to set you up with Tech Deals, which are basically arrangements where a larger nation pays you money to send them tech (using the Aid system), since it's cheaper for you to buy it. They'll usually be at the 3 Million for 100 Tech rate.

You'll need to get into a trade circle sooner or later, which are getting somewhat scarce these days, but once you get one it will increase your nation's potential ten-fold.

But I must stress, talk with your alliance! Be active!

P.S. Buying land isn't necessary.

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Welcome, you should first look for a good trade circle (or at least find some trades) because that is one of the most important things that boosts the income and other aspects of your nation. Furthermore, if you want to grow quickly you should do tech deals with members of your alliance. How that works is that they send you $3,000,000 with the agreement that you will pay them either 50 or 100 tech (depending on the deal). The tech is very cheap at your level, and you can use the money they give you to boost your infra and land levels as well as buy improvements. Other than that, dont forget to collect taxes and pay your bills, and you should be fine!

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