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[quote]Since the development of corporate capitalism, the world has wrestled with how one is too deal with the inherent contradictions between the best interest of populations and the best interests of corporations. While corporations offer some economic advantages which make them permissible with some restrictions placed upon them, it is evident that they are inherently a dangerous and subversive organizational structure. One thing which is obviously clear, is that structures which exist merely to maximize their own profit should certainly not act as sovereign entities. This is the role for the nation-state.

The Corporation of MoG[Corp] is emblematic of the inherent corruption created when corporate fat cats are allowed to pilfer the coffers of ordinary citizens:

MoG[Corp]'s unchecked expansionism and human rights abuses for management's self-gorging are numerous, too numerous to count. But we'll make a good run at it:

[*]Suspicion of violation of the Conventions on the Rights of Women
[*]Suspicion of violation of the Conventions on the Rights of Children
[*]Suspicion of kidnapping large populations from the United Federation of the East, Burma, Japan and other parts of East Asia
[*]Suspicion of conspiracy to distribute narcotics in violation of numerous country's sovereignty.
[*]Suspicion of Human Traffic and Slavery
[*]Suspected abuse and non-justified capture of rare endangered Penguin
[*]Suspicion of environmental degradation in Polar regions.
[*]Suspicion of stealing our oxygen.

The responsible powers of the world shall not allow this to continue. Therefore, we place our collective militaries under the command of the International Security and Exchange Commission to seize Mog[Corp] assets globally. We would declare war, but it is impossible to declare war on a non-sovereign entity.


[u][i]On Behalf of the United Federation of the East:[/i][/u]

Kou, Acting Imperator of the United Federation of the East and Relapsing Strategic Pyromaniac

[u][i]On behalf of the Athenian Federation:[/i][/u]

[i]Her Imperial Highness Ariadne Notaras of Heraclius[/i], Empress of the Eastern Athenian Federation and her overseas territories, Lady Protector of the Delian League, Mistress of the Ice, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Priestess of the Cult of Athena, Speaker of Zeus, Incarnate of Athena, Heroine of the revolution.

[i]His Imperial Highness[/i] Valerio Moretti of Bourbon, Emperor of the Western Athenian Federation, Lord Protector of the Delian League, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Hero of the revolution.

[u][i]On Behalf of the Cajun Federation[/i]:[/u]

King of the Cajun Federation, Grand Field Marshal of the Cajun Armed Forces

[u][i]On behalf of le Royaume de la Lumière:[/i][/u]
His Royal Majesty, Arséne Moreau[/quote]

Upon receiving transmission from HQ, a squadron of F-3s were launched from Fort Beihai to secure the air space over the Arctic Holdings of Mog[Corp] and airborne troops were to begin procedures to liberate the Island and its penguin inhabitants.

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As soon as the joint declaration was issued by the United Federation of the East on behalf of the coalition of the willing, a flight of two CH-53E Super Stallion, and two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters began lifting off the deck of the reduced-visibility maritime command ship, CFS [i]Harbinger[/i]. The [i]Harbinger[/i], with the escort of the two attack submarines [i]Spurdog[/i] and [i]Catfish[/i] had arrived off the waters of the Brunt Ice Shelf quietly. The helicopters would take off in groups of two, with the launch of two MQ-8 Fire Scout autonomous scout/light attack helicopter UAVs precluding the launch of the last two helicopters.

Loaded aboard the four helicopters would be elements of the first and second platoons, Charlie Company, of the Cajun Federation's elite special operations force, Group 62. The special forces operators had specific orders, the liberation of the lands that the base inhabited, and the freeing of any wildlife found within.

Once airborne, the four helicopters would fly low towards the MoG[Corp] station located on the Brunt Ice Shelf, with the MQ-8 Fire Scouts flying ahead of the helicopters. The two Fire Scouts were loaded down with two Hellfire missiles each, along with their sophisticated surveillance and detection equipment. While the helicopters and UAVs made their approach, the Combat Information Center on board the [i]Harbinger[/i] was a flurry of activity as the command ship used its radar and sonar interception equipment to detect any radar or sonar arrays deployed near the MoG[Corp] base. Surface radar would be fed misinformation by the powerful interception equipment, as would be any sub-surface detection equipment, masking the approach of the helicopters and the location of the command ship.

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For the second time in a year a war came close to the home front, however this time the Hellenic Forces had the initiative. The Athenian Federation had always been ready to police the Mediterranean however had not needed to do so in a long time, today would be different.

The first part of the operation would be a coordinated air assault on positions in what used to be Libya and Tunisia, followed by establishing a beachhead in Tripoli to serve as a base for further operations by other coalition forces. At the same time a smaller though very strong force would land at Cape Verde and the Canary Islands to neutralize these islands immediately. Knowing the corporation lacked a proper navy the 10 Littoral Combat Ships of the Mediterranean Fleet moved closer to the coast of Mogatopia to provide support for ground forces. 4 F-99 Squadrons would establish a CAP over the ships to protect them against air attacks from the coast. The 2 ships Mogatopia held would suffer a terrible faith as the attack HNS Nyx began actively seeking out the enemy navy. The remaining 3 attack submarines would stay near the LCS to protect them against surprises.

With the navy in place part 1 of the plan could begin. The first strike would consist of 100 U-1 UCAVs going from Malta to drop bombs over positions that held anti-air weapons, radar systems or otherwise systems that could prevent most casualties at a later attack by manned aircraft. At the same time an U-2D in position over Mogatopia held Libya, Tunisia and Algeria began seeking to actively cripple communications over radio frequencies filling these with noise. This would be done on both military as civilian frequencies to ensure the chaos which would come from it to be quite severe. After the U-2D was in position and the U-1s had returned the second stage of the air raid would begin.

From bases in Malta, Athens, Tirana and Rome a total of 5 F-1 Squadrons, 7 F-99 Squadrons and 2 B-10 Squadrons moved into the air flying towards Tripoli supported by 10 U-2Bs and 3 U-2Cs for communications, warning systems and control, Misrata and Tunis. The B-10s would stop near Malta where they would already release their weapons. 50 Hypersonic cruise missiles with conventional payloads would fire at Misrata, their intended targets being military bases, corporate locations of interest and finally commercial interests such as harbors. 100 Hypersonic cruise missiles would go towards similar targets in Tunis. Finally the bulk of the bombing would focus in Tripoli where 234 Hypersonic cruise missiles would target anything that had military or corporate value. Offices of the corporation, harbors, military airports and bases, etc. Only the international airport would be spared destruction. In the upcoming day however the enemy would find out this was more of a curse rather than a blessing.

2,000 Thracians and 30 High Guard Razors would start the final phase of the initial strike. Flying at a dangerously low to avoid most methods of detection the forces would move to the airport that had been spared only hours earlier. Once in place the Thracians commanded by the Razors would engage whatever security the airport had. Protection would be provided by the fighters that had been put above enemy airspace in the previous attack to make a bombing by enemy forces unlikely.


At the same time as the air strikes on Libya happened the Atlantic Fleet had different plans, in a dispersed pattern the Atlantic Fleet would establish positions along the Mogatopian coast however for now holding fire and not attacking the mainland. Cape Verde and the Mogatopia held Canary Islands would be less lucky.

The 4 Amphibious Transportable Docks would establish positions at the main islands of Cape Verde. A total of 6,000 Thracians would begin an amphibious assault, 3,000 near Praia and another 3,000 near Brava. These would soon be reinforced by soldiers flying in from Portugal making sure each island would have at least 1,000 soldiers to take down any resistance and begin the occupation of Cape Verde. Their strategy would be much like what was happening in Tripoli, taking over airports first while disabling defensive systems and engaging hostile forces. Once these objectives were complete they would move on to placing the territory they occupied under military control.

Attacking the Canary Islands would be a lot easier with airports on all of the islands, even though some very small they would be enough for Hellenic soldiers to deploy. Each of the Canary Islands with the exception of Tenerife due to it being Greenlandic would be engaged by U-1s from the carriers to soften possible defenses. At the same time soldiers from Portugal would land on the islands at the same numbers as for Cape Verde to bring the forces on each of the islands to 1,000 or more. Here too their main objectives would be to take control of anything that could potentially host aircraft, they would also take over from local authorities.

CAPs were established over the Canary Islands and Cape Verde to make sure no hostile aircraft could take a hit at ground forces.

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In preparation of the event, two carrier groups and elements of the First Army were participating in the ISEC seizure of Mog[Corp] assets and had been waiting a day out from the coast, in the Atlantic. With the advanced early warning provided by AWACS and two squadrons of carrier borne vectors on patrol at all times and the rest ready to go at any moment.

EDIT: Shouldn't try to spell when I first wake up.

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[quote][i]More attacks on the basis of flimsy charges brought against an entire nation? Where is the proof of these claims? How many deaths does the partnership between the UFE, Athenian Federation et al. intend to cause this time? It is nigh time the world progress past the point where such horrendous and costly invasions are allowed to pass without greater scrutiny from the world at large. These suspicions and suspected slights will not pay for the inevitable deaths your coalition will inflict on North Africa. I pray the coalition- nay, the world will heed my words.

[i][b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon[/i]

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Human rights and the protection of the environment are some of the highest ideals in Marscurian society. We will not stand idly by while they are horrifically defaced!

[i]MoG[Corp] regional HQ, Mietonka, Bira Rayon:[/i]
A letter was attached to the door of the small building in the northern part of the city.

"MoG[Corp] is now viewed to be standing against the ideals and morals of Marscurian Siberia. Your disrespect for human rights and the preservation of natural areas has led to the revocation of your charter to conduct any service or to import or export goods from the Khaganate. Your entire staff has 168 hours (1 week) to vacate the nation. Once you have proven yourself to have rectified your ills, you may re-apply for said charters.

-Sasha Nussbaum, Chief of the Mietonka Police Department

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[quote name='Executive Minister' timestamp='1311468588' post='2762440']
[i][b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon[/i]

Why do you hate freedom, liberty, and justice. Its very sad. From now on all East African Coffee blends at Starbucks and Starbucks rip offs in China are to be renamed Freedom Roast.

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"Although we commend the honorable goals of this 'coalition' to prevent abuses of human rights and the therein, we nevertheless wonder if it is necessary to utilize such heavy-handed actions against the MOG[Corp] regime, especially when they have the capacity to inflict unnecessary deaths and destructions, and potentially disrupt the peace in that part of the world?

We wonder why the coalition didn't use diplomacy as a basis to bring about any changes in the way the MOG[Corp] regime had been treating its citizens. Surely, war should not be inevitable, and neither should it be used as a means to an end."

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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1311470322' post='2762457']
Why do you hate freedom, liberty, and justice. Its very sad. From now on all East African Coffee blends at Starbucks and Starbucks rip offs in China are to be renamed Freedom Roast.
[i]I hate the freedom and liberty this world [s]allows[/s]affords men like you to destroy other nations needlessly. I hate the 'justice' that is wrought upon the innocent when it is only the few that may deserve it.

In regards to the rather non-sensical notion of East African coffee being purveyed in UFE controlled China - I have nor will I ever authorize the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=90288&view=findpost&p=2673269"]planting of RFID chips[/url] from ANY nation state barring the one I rule. Aeon goods will never enter your territory unless it is peddled illegally by foot by a third party. If the UFE wishes to charge us of illicitly importing goods into its territory on a mere suspicion, then by all means.

Now please, given the severity of your actions, I am sure there are much more important things on your mind rather than the desire of hipsters in mere coffee shops.[/i][/quote]
[i][b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon[/i]

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[b]Extremely Classified

[/b]Upon two white doves, handwritten messages from Princess Rhianne would be sent to both the PRA and Mogtopia asking for their thoughts on the current issue at hand, as well as permission for the Avatar of War to move two fleets into the vicinity of the PRA's western EEZ.

The 1st Fleet of the Aviatrix and Exterminatrix fleets 1 and 2 would remain at high alert near Cochinian Islands in the Southern Atlantic. The 3rd Exterminatrix Fleet would also remain on high alert within the USI's EEZ waters acting as a reserve fleet should the defense of this fellow African nation spread. Remaining fleets would protect the Aeon's southern flank, as well as set themselves up for movement within the Indian ocean if need be. At the moment, they would stay in Aeon territorial waters to the east.

With Groups Alpha (NPO), Beta (SPO) and Gamma(NAO) still within Aeon waters following the general retreat of Nodic reprisal attacks created by the Aeon during the Monacan war, only Groups Delta (SAO), Epsilon (SO) and Zeta (IO) were in any position to affect the current conflict. They would remain at the heightened alert status they always enacted, but would focus more on evasion and reserve fleet activities in the interim. Care was to be given that the subs would not draw the ire of any forces involved in the potential conflict. Of express concern would be Group Zeta, which was in the immediate vicinity of the primary aggressor, the UFE. They would be instructed to stay at silent conditions, traveling below the sound channel axis to eliminate chances of detection from surface ships.

Times were precarious, and with the high volume of traffic within the contested Ocean, care would be given to ensure no Aeon submarines would be involved in pre-emptive hostilities. Orders would be given across the Aeon submarine fleet to set all acoustic decoupling stations to uncoupled to prevent stationary portions of their superstructures from receiving unwanted vibrations from nearby moving parts. Onboard propeller/magnetohydrodynamic propulsion systems would operate at minimal settings to prevent cavitation and other means with which potential enemies may detect them - both acoustic and magnetic.


[b]Group Delta (South Atlantic Ocean)[/b]

[b]Group Epsilon (Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean))[/b]


[b]Group Zeta (Indian Ocean)[/b]



All Naval assets would observe complete discipline when contacting foreign forces. All anti-torpedo ROV drones would be deployed from their hosts to detect any immediate undersea threats. While not appearing to be at full combat stance, their crews would be instructed assume it. Multi-function (AESA/PESA) radars would sweep the skies and space for satellites of potential interest, keeping note of their positions incase the need to destroy them would manifest itself.

Strategic as well as Tactical Air defenses would be at an all time high, with Airborne Early Warning, Control and Response (AEWCR) aircraft rotating at constant escorted patrol intervals to protect the fleets from air breathing assets. A perimeter of 100nmi would be set up immediately around all Aeon vessels, within which an extreme level of caution would be exercised. Conventional search and detection tactics would be employed, along with specially designated vessels within independent fleets who would be tasked with imaging wind velocities, with high resolution doppler radar. The swirls of air bogeys would leave in their wake would be sought out. Should contact be made, an intercept craft would be sent to the wake location and search for abnormal thermal patterns via their advanced Integrated Infrared Detection Units (Type-II Strained Layer Superlattice combined HgCdTe Infrared Detector). A combined electro-optical and infrared system, this system would allow the intercept aircraft to search the skies for distinctive airframe friction patterns, and thus track down stealthed targets.

Air bases in potential 'Frontline' positions would remain on full combat alert status, the designated stationary [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=77405&view=findpost&p=2478678"]Point Defense[/url] units active and ready. Combat engineering teams would continue to disperse from their stationed bases and prepare for emergency placement of the entire inventory of the deployable Point Defense systems outlined in the Omega Imperium Doctrine via 5 ton crane trucks. Anti-ship, and strategic air defense transporter erector battalions would be ordered on rotational patrols throughout the Aeon holdings as per the norm.

Component sites of the Nodic [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=77405&view=findpost&p=2086683"]DEW Network[/url] and other unaffiliated stationary and mobile radars would begin cyclic testing of their AD-MARS (Active Denial- Mission: Anti-Radiation Response) systems. In anticipation of Anti-Radiation missile attacks aimed at hindering or outright crippling Aeon search, track and fire-control assets.

The [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=77405&view=findpost&p=2075911"]IWAn'SEAUP AshM launch Grid[/url] would be set to full combat alert status via passive electronic detection in the interim, as well as their own tests of the AD-MARS. Upon notification of hostile Surface activity, all three stages would immediately ramp up their fire control systems to Active Detection and peripheral target acquisition modes from the friendly ships.

All Aeon forces under the command of the Aeon not currently taking part in present hostilities were also placed on high alert, with extra care to screen for unconventional operations. Border security placed near the Horn of Africa, Eritrea and Sudan ramped up precautionary measures. The border with the GPn'S would be instructed to look for 'allied' reinforcements should they be declared.

T-280 'TRANSCENSION' HSAM-II's would be placed on alert to engage any attempts at interdiction or strike sorties against moving and stationary Aeon Forces. All stationary surface-to-air batteries within the homeland, as well as the frontier were instructed to regularly redeploy and displace current positions with a maximum allowed break down time of 25 minutes on pain of death. Batteries would consist of a 2 x 3 formation of the afforementioned HSAM-II's and Spangle Two-stage SHORAD Missile systems, separate from stationary and deployable Partisan launcher units. T-280 'TRANSCENSION' Hyper Velocity HSAM-III's remained on standby to engage incoming Intercontinental Threats alongside the S-117 'SENTRY' Ground-Based Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense systems.

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Rebel Army has moved to DEFCON 3 and is mobilizing in the event that war spills over to it's borders. In addition, it's borders would be reinforced with an additional 300 000 soldiers and accompanying armored and support divisions.

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"Ceylon does not believe that rdacal steps as the UFE and its coalition are taking are the best way to solve the situation.
Has any sort of diplomacy been applied? Dedicated blockades or the like, to pressure the government into reform - if such violations have indeed happened?
Unless proof is publicised, Ceylon cannot see this 'war' as one with a valid cause."

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"We the free loving peoples of New Spain are fully supportive of our allies in the UFE & Athens in this matter. Should war be a result of these seemingly escalating hostilities we will fight upon their behalf. We would hope any powers thinking of escalating this further be aware of the consequences of fighting the full coalition of power arranged in support of one another in this matter." - [i]His Majesty, King Enrique Bourbon[/i]
[b]Highly Classified[/b]
All military personal would be recalled into their posts and prepared for deployment in any potential theaters of war that may heat up. 2 Carrier Battle Groups each with a contingent of destroyer escorts would be placed in the Gulf of Mexico with 4 Hunter Killer Attack Submarines to monitor any potential hostile ships from coming into the Gulf. 2 Carrier Groups with escorts would be deployed in the Atlantic while the rest of NS naval forces would remain in harbors in the Gulf of Mexico, Anchorage, & Coast of New Spain. Air-forces would be placed on high-alert and sorties would be flown inside national-airspace 24 hrs a day until further notice. 1,000,000 soldiers in the Spanish Army would begin follow suit in preparing to deploy to other worldly combat theaters with an assortment of ground-assault vehicles, tanks, artillery, and other assortment of vehicles. Missile Silos would be placed on high-alert and their respective nuclear payloads would be armed and prepared to fire at a moments notice.

The Royal family would be moved under-ground into a secure facility in the mountains of Central Mexico. Embassy staff and delegates would be placed in the underground bunkers in the Palacio de la Diplomica. While the general public would be notified of an impending conflict and advised to make plans for potential shortages in food, water, and other essentials as New Spain moved itself into a war-time economy setting. King Enrique Bourbon would be placed into a highly classified and secure undergound facility in South-Central Mexican Mountains where he could coordinate events on the ground from behind bunker doors staying in near constant communication with commanders of his respective military.

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The People's Republic of Africa is appalled that such an action would be taken against a PRA ally and friend, without so much as a solid [i]casus beli[/i]. We stand firm in our support for Mogatopia, just as they would do for us.

We hereby give authorization for Aeon forces to enter and go through the PRA EEZ and territory. We also suggest to set up a joint council to coordinate actions and plans to support our friend in this endeavor.

[quote]Message to Wagadou and Novak (Separate messages, cannot see who else recieved it etc.)
Topic: With Utmost Urgency
With current events unfolding, we ask our you if you will stand by us in our support for our ally in Africa, Mogar.

Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles
Head of PRA Parliament

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"We find these faux attempts at moralism amusing. The United Federation of the East and its allies have been tolerant of this blight for far too long while it violates the very boundaries of decency and civilization. We've had our share of it.

[quote]"Ceylon does not believe that rdacal steps as the UFE and its coalition are taking are the best way to solve the situation.
Has any sort of diplomacy been applied? Dedicated blockades or the like, to pressure the government into reform - if such violations have indeed happened?
Unless proof is publicised, Ceylon cannot see this 'war' as one with a valid cause." [/quote]

Diplomacy, diplomacy with that? Mogatopia is not a nation state native to North Africa, it is not representative of any people. Its corporate group [i]solely[/i] represented by peoples from East Asia. In Sri Lanka we've met both Germans and those from Sri Lanka, thats not happened [i]once[/i] with Moga[Corp]. In fact we're fairly confident a goodly chunk of their representatives were illegally kidnapped from the UFE and its allies in East Asia as they seem to have an abnormally massive population of underage East Asian women they are using in child labor.

I am perfectly happy to meet with the natives of North Africa regarding their rights of self government, but I have quite never met a North African diplomat from Moga[Corp]. Moga[Corp] originated in Burma and the Southern UFE, not in North Africa and thats apparent as hell to anyone whose met with one of their representatives.

[quote]The People's Republic of Africa is appalled that such an action would be taken against a PRA ally and friend, without so much as a solid casus beli. We stand firm in our support for Mogatopia, just as they would do for us.

I believe we were fairly restrained in our casus belli for this rogue regime. We said suspicion of, but the proof is quite beyond refute. Unless you don't deny the charges but find their gross violations of human rights as not a valid CB, and would so easily violate your non-aggression pact with us.

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[b]OOC: It is unclear to me whether or not actual weapons were dropped on Mog[CORP] yet, or if you forces arrived in the vicinity yet.[/b] [b]Consider this post canon should all assumptions I made in this post be correct.[/b]


For Noble House Sidamo
and the Most Venerated Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo
A Resolution to Renew the East African Determination for Peace[/b]
[quote][i]It has become abundantly clear that the UFE, Athenian Federation et al. has no intention to cease this unnecessary act of war against Mogtopia in the interim. The Aeon will therefore take actions to ensure that Mogtopia will be given full and equal representation in an international forum. Diplomacy must prevail today. Should a single bomb or bullet strike any Mogtopian holdings, this will be treated as an act of war upon the Principality of Aeon.

I still pray for the countless Koreans who have had their nation annihilated. Regardless of political, social or cultural affiliations - an entire nation does not deserve to be destroyed on the evidence provided by shady sources or mere hearsay.

The UFE does not hold a monopoly on peoples of East Asian descent - let alone the fact that the UFE has charged Mogtopia with the mass kidnapping of its citizens on the mere basis that a 'goodly chunk of their representatives are East Asian' or thrown out wild and as far as we can forsee baseless accusations of utilizing child labour. In fact, the only misgivings I can recall anyone having about Mogtopia or its national corporation is the Arctican protest of North African internal policies regarding recreational drugs, application of the death penalty for certain crimes as well as utilizing a volunteer force of gladiators to tape a popular gladiator sporting event.

Are these deviations not approved by some? Of course. The nation I rule once had its daily Executions publicly broadcasted for all to gleefully see. Even today, House Sidamo receives requests to relaunch 'Today's Execution' from many private citizens. While I do not agree with any of these stances, I can accept the fact that I have no right to impose my beliefs or desires on anyone other than my own followers, nor can I punish others for it should they choose to do so in their own nations!

We will not allow hastily erected casus bellis to be used as an excuse to level a nation in our immediate vicinity. We will oppose any militancy inflicted upon the people of this continent, and neutralize any invasion of Mogtopian soil with extreme and righteous prejudice. At any time, the Aeon will stand down in this affair should cooler heads prevail in both the UFE, the Athenian Federation and their allies. We would gladly support an international investigation of these wild and grave accusations hurled by this coalition after all parties agree to utilize diplomacy as a first resort, not force or violence.

We see the reports of your forces massing near Mogtopian waters, we have detected several airbreathing units inbound for Mogtopian arctic holdings and acknowledge the PRA's protests regarding this potential invasion. I take this time to reiterate, as Soverign of House Sidamo, Ruling House of the Principality of Aeon that should a bomb or bullet fall on Mogtopian soil, it will be treated as an act of war against the Principality and people I am sworn to protect.

Cease this needless violence at once. Do not allow history to repeat itself. Do so in benefit of countless innocents' lives.[/i][/quote]
[b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon
[b]Livia Toth[/b], Head Deaconess and Matriarch of the Monastic Order of Medicine
[b]Jaran Marxon[/b], Avatar-of-War and Sword of House Sidamo[/i]

Classified Movements[/b]

Messages would be sent to both the PRA and Mogtopia.


To Mogar, CEO of Mog[CORP], acting Government of Mogtopia.

Rest assured, you are not alone in your plight. I have every intention for your people to emerge from this impending conflict unscathed. Should you wish to accept my offer of aid, I would gladly put men of more... military-mindedness in contact with similar-minded men in your nation.
[i]Most humbly and respectfully yours,[/i]

[i][b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo
Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo[/b][/i][/quote]

[quote][i] [img]http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww106/mofailla/SCAeonMODDB-1.jpg?t=1300156068[/img]

To [/i]Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles, Voice of the Peoples' Republic of Africa
It is fortunate your nation still wishes to associate with a nation placed in such peril as Mogtopia is. I gladly pledge my blood followers to aid in defense of the Mogtopian people until an unfortunate end, if need be. I will place the Avatar-of-War, Jaran Marxon, along with a number of my most cherished Champions in service to the North African people.

We shall send brilliant weapons capable of striking the weapons of the unrighteous from the skies, we will send arrows capable of destroying tanks from miles away. We shall send men with unerring faith in their heart and terrible weapons of destruction clutched in their gauntlets, as they ride atop mechanical machines of doom. Iron chariots will fill the sky as they descend upon the foe.

Such weapons are what I sought to eliminate by displacing the Nodic barbarians. But this invasion has forced my hand. The Aeon WILL beat their ploughs into spears, and will go to war to preserve peace. Of this, I promise you.

[/i][i]Most humbly and respectfully yours,[/i]

[i][b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo
Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo[/b][/i]

Aeon military command would immediately send liasons to both the PRA and if allowed, Mogtopian militaries to co-ordinate a defense North Africa.

Strategic lifters would take off from numerous bases in Aeon held territories for PRA bases in the vicinity of the Mogtopian border. Within would be strategic, theatre and area defense missile/gun systems of both a mobile and stationary nature, along with all support personnel needed to operate them. Of particular note, AD-MARS capable search, track and fire control radars would be shipped along with decoy emitters to ensure that Mogtopian air defenses would not be lost so easily. With them, dedicated squadrons of air superiority, fast close air support and Airborne Early Warning, Control and Response (AEWCR) craft would protect these flights as they performed LAPES drops on PRA airports.

Four armored battalions would roll across the PRA along with mobile heavy AA and radar support, with similar frontal aviation assets. Heavy gunship, Heavy Tank Killer and Light Attack/Recon Helicopters would travel above as they made their way towards potential battle zones.

All expeditionary forces would number 3 mechanized infantry, 3 armored infantry, 4 tank and 2 rocket forces and artillery divisions.

2 air assault divisions and their Liberator Air Assault Tilt Rotor Crafts would fly across the PRA straight for Mogtopia only stopping to refuel in the PRA proper.

8 Helicopter squadrons and 20 air squadrons of the Air Militant Command would eventually be based in the PRA and Mogtopia proper, with additional squadrons flying defensive sorties for this massive movement and the fleets now headed for the PRA's western EEZ.

If any satellite not considered friendly was caught over Aeon territory, it would first be blinded by means so as to ensure no permanent harm would befall it. A second pass would prove fatal, as an anti-satellite weapon would be launched to ensure its demise. This procedure would commence immediately after the Princess' announcement and all the care in the world would be given to notify all space agencies involved with this Aeon intent.

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I believe that most of the combatants are indeed in the vicinity and that whilst I don't believe there have been any explicit hits, Shammy has launched helicopters and drones at his Antarctic base, centurius has launched a lot of missiles, combat uavs, an airborne assault on the tripoli airport, and is landing marines on the canary islands and cape verde. I have some forces chilling about ~1100km from the coast of Morocco who can provide air support to the canary islands but are mostly just steaming in a bit closer and should be there in force within 12-24 hours. So I am not sure if that invalidates your assumptions but let's just say I wouldn't want to sending heavily loaded, slow, strategic lifters nearby or airborne, at least not without some heavy cover and if you're sending your forces by land they're going to be a week late.

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[center][u][b]Statement from the Kingdom of Cochin[/b][/u][/center]

We are appalled at the callousness with which war is being waged against an entity which though may not be a political entity as is generally understood of governments are still custodians for a large number of people. What are the causes which elicited the "suspicions" based on which this war has been declared? Or is the entire raison d'etre for this war just that MoG[Corp] is a corporate entity that controls Mogatopia? If so the first swords must be raised at another trans national entity which has been subverting freedoms of its people for longer periods, Pravus Ingruo and its MediaCorp.

We really believed United Federation of the East and Athenian Federation to be nations far more responsible than this, to declare wars on another people for no reason. We fully support the opinions of our ally Aeon in this issue.


His Highness Kerala Varma,
The King of Cochin

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Excerpt from Procinctia Broadcasting Corporation interview with Vice Admiral Bolivar, “. . . Both the United Federation of the East and Athenian Federation are stretched too thin for an extended war with MoG[Corp]. This coalition is still fighting an unresolved war in Austria against Germany, where the Germans still retain an overwhelming land advantage, and prolonged battle in Antarctica is unsustainable without drawing down European forces. This course also creates probable MoG[Corp]-German cooperation across multiple fronts when enemies of this coalition become de facto allies. . . putting this coalition in precarious positions.
Opening a second front, especially during an ongoing and unresolved battle, is usually a bad idea.”

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"We refer all parties to the following [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102184&view=findpost&p=2719851"]broadcast[/url] by Mog[Corp]. In it a system is clearly established where inidividuals literally own other people. This is all the evidence needed for the allegation of slavery."

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