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Official Colossus Announcement

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Our [url=http://www.cn-colossus.co.uk/index.php]forums[/url] are now working again. Thank you for your time.

Elfriede, [i]Wynken[/i]
KaiserMilch, [i]Blynken[/i]
Auctor, [i]Nod[/i]

Alfred von Schliefen, [i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]
Mayzie, [i]Minister of Defense[/i]
Petro, [i]Minister of Internal Affairs[/i]
Lemax, [i]Minister of Economic Stuff[/i]

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[quote name='Baskan' timestamp='1311445504' post='2762190']
Too bad auctor didn't get banned from it. :awesome:
While my forum account did have to make the ultimate sacrafice, I rest secure in the knowledge that it was for the greater good.

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[quote name='stockhunter' timestamp='1311488731' post='2762607']
Nice, now I can go spam your forums :)
you are literally the worst

also for some reason I haven't had any trouble with your forums besides my dear friend Auctor being couped.

Edited by Penlugue Solaris
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