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How to Re Roll

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[quote name='Budwalker1607' timestamp='1311425480' post='2762049']
What exactly is the procedure for re rolling your nation?
Simply filling out the nation delete form?

And what resources are considered the best?

Thank much!

[font="Verdana"][size="4"]Yes, re-rolling is simply filling out the 'Delete My Nation' Form (make sure you have no active Financial Aid/Tech Deals). Then waiting a certain amount of days to re-roll.

On what's the best pair of resources to try for? It varies, and is usually hotly contested on these CN Boards. Maybe determine 1st, what Bonus Resource set you're aiming for, then it will be easier to determine what you may want to try to re-roll for.

[b]But in general, any 2 of the following is good:[/b]


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You just delete your current nation and make a new one. As for the resources, it all depends on what trade circle you want to be in. If you can get any two resources in that circle, it does not really matter which two they are - since it is a trade [b]circle[/b], you will have all the resources anyways.

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