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Population decrease


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My civ (no military) population was at 1,002, since I was able to start looking at improvements, but then I returned this morning and now my civ population is 965. I don't know what caused this sudden drop.

Here are some things that I have done since last night:
-Changed government to communism (they wanted it)
-Changed religion (unsuccessfully, need to change it again in 3 days)
-Got a trade accepted
-Answered an event about land expansion (no mention of population)
-Did not create new soldiers

What could cause this fall?

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what was the govt you had before communism? if it had an environment bonus or was neutral to the environment, that would be the reason

Communism has a negative effect towards your environment which can lower your population count

edit: also i'd recommend you join an alliance where they can help you out more with learning the game and help build your nation up

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[font="Verdana"][size="4"]Yeah, if you had a Gov't like Democracy, Capitalist, etc that are all +1 Environment, the change to Communist (a -1 Environment) will lower your Citizen count.

I know sometimes new Nations are tempted to change to the Gov't that their Population wants, but sometimes that can negatively effect your Nation beyond the +1 Happiness you would get from the Gov't that your population desires.

Oh, and yeah...definitely explore an Alliance to choose from. It'll help you learn the game better. Here is the Board that Alliances advertise on:


Best of luck. :) [/size][/font]

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