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Great Trade Circle, many slots open

Ceaser Augustus

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Me and a friend Alaric started this trade circle. Please respond if you would like to join it. We are looking for RESPONSIBLE players who wont quit.

The resources we need and have:

Pigs= Me (Ceaser)
Sugar= Me (Ceaser)
Water= Alaric
Iron= Alaric
Cattle=Sir Twist
Spices= Sir Twist

All of the "?'s? are resources we need.

Here are the Bonus resources:
Beer, Fast Food, Construction, Asphalt
Here are the main benefits:
36% DECREASE in the cost to but infrastructure.
23% DECREASE in the cost to UPKEEP infrastructure.
20% population INCREASE
-10% initial land cost
+1 environment
28% PURCHASED land increase
+11 population happiness!!! (this is one of the best, because it really improves your economy)

Thank you

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