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International Protection Force!!!

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This is the secretary General of the International Protection Force. Alliance name "IPF"

This is to announce the Creation of the International Protection Force. This is not an alliance in the traditional Sense. This is an international body that will hear the pleadings of any nation that alleges any type of piracy, wars of profit, or other type of injustice. We do not care to mettle in alliance to alliance wars. We are not here to serve as a proxy army for other nations. We are also not here only for the protection of member states. Our mandate comes form the ideal that piracy is illegal.

We will hear the cases of any nation. If the case warrants action, a resolution will be ordered and force or diplomacy will be used to end the injustice.


So, how do I get protection from the IPF?
You simply ask. You do not need to be a member state. We will not aid you if you instigated or declared the war. But if you are being raided, simply submit a petition on our site http://libertybroadcastradio.com or to a member state, with evidence, and we will consider. You may not receive immediate protection as it all depends on resources volunteered by our member states.

Can I join?
Yes. There are two ways, change your alliance to IPF... (or if you want to keep your original alliance) register @ http://libertybroadcastradio.com , your registration will give you the ability to legally wage offensive wars within the limits of an IPF resolutions. Become a member state and you will find it easier to get protection. Remember, keeping your original alliance, you are not to try to ask for assistance for alliance driven wars.

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People have repeatedly failed doing this on a single sphere. Covering all spheres is going to be impossible and will end in tears. Good luck you will need it.

edit: You should go to peace mode or join an alliance before the vultures pick your carcass clean.

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[quote name='InterProtection Force' timestamp='1311289564' post='2760749']
No encroachment, just another body helping out.

You could just join the current one and help us out? :P but seriously, you're new and it shows, join an official alliance, learn the ropes, stay off the OWF until you know what's what.

right now you're just painting a target on your back for people who think it'll be fun to attack you and taunt you about how you can't even protect yourself, it's the kind of thing we've all seen a lot.

[quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1311289761' post='2760752']
Damnit not in my range.

Point proven

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