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start of a nation?


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The deputy minister is meeted by the representitve and brought to the district capital building.
Andrey: Please come this way to the confrence room. We have much to discuss. (he takes his seat) We would like to request the formation of our own seperate nation.

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Deputy Prime Minister Kerbev made a few notes, before replying:

[i]"As always, we simply maintain law and order in the protectorates under our control until the time when these protectorates may be handed over to capable governments. We therefore would welcome the creation of an independent nation in what is now the Magadan Oblast of our protectorate. Before we sign a formal agreement, there are a few matters to be addressed.

First, what will be the name of your proposed nation and are you requesting all of Magadan Oblast to become the territory of this nation? Secondly, would your proposed nation be willing to comply with the Zhukov Doctrine (OOC: Zhukov Doctrine basically states that if your country is destroyed, your government falls or becomes unable to govern the territory, then the territory reverts to being my protectorate)? And finally, how quickly would your proposed nation be able to handle its own security and policing so that our B-FOR peacekeepers could be withdrawn?

Once these fundamental questions have been answered, we can proceed with drafting a mutually acceptable agreement that would reflect the endorsement of your proposed nation's independence by the Serene Republic of Vaule."[/i]-Deputy PM Kerbev.

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"first we would like to keep the current name magadan oblast. and we would like the complete territory. we would also agree to the doctrine. a creation of a army capable of defending the nation has well has a national security agency to ensure peace and safety across the protectrate will be amongst the first priorities of our nation and would be completed in about 3-5 months.
i hope this answered your questions and concerns".

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[i]"Very well, we present the following agreement for your approval"[/i]-Deputy PM Kerbev

[quote][b][u]The Magadan Oblast Accords[/b][/u]

[b]Article 1: Transfer of control[/b]

The government of the Serene Republic of Vaule shall hand over control of Magadan Oblast to the government of Magadan Oblast with immediate effect.

[b]Article 2: Withdrawal of Peacekeepers[/b]

All Vaulian Peacekeepers who were deployed to Magadan Oblast under the mandate of B-FOR, shall be withdrawn over a 20 day period as follows: 50% withdrawal by day 5, 20% withdrawal by day 10, 20% withdrawal by day 15, 10% withdrawal by day 20.

[b]Article 3: Zhukov Doctrine[/b]

The territory of Magadan Oblast shall be covered by the Zhukov Doctrine. This means that in the event that the government of Magadan Oblast collapses, is destroyed, or is otherwise unable to govern the territory, the territory shall revert to a protectorate of the Serene Republic of Vaule and Vaulian Peacekeepers shall be redeployed to the area.

[b]Article 4: Defense[/b]

Upon the signing of this agreement, the government of Magadan Oblast shall take full responsibility for the defense and security of the territory handed to them under Article 1 of this agreement. The government of the Serene Republic of Vaule, upon the signing of this agreement, shall not be in any way required to provide for the defense of Magadan Oblast.

[b]Signed for the Serene Republic of Vaule,[/b]
B. Svatek, Prime Minister
A. Kerbev, Deputy Prime Minister
Pyotr R.I.

[b]Signed for Magadan Oblast,[/b]
andrey axsim

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"of course. thank you for coming your transportation is waiting outside. i hope to see you again in the future."Andrey escorts him out and watches him go then pulls out his phone. " the meeting is over, it was a success we should meet to prepare the public announcment".

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