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Legacy Announcement v2.0

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There comes times in every alliance's history when tough decisions must be made. Legacy has now hit its own crossroads. We have had to make some very tough decisions and we have made decisions that would we feel would most benefit our alliance.

An alliance must be able to stand up and be independent. Legacy is not merging or disbanding we are pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps and doing work.

It is after much deliberation and after much thought that Legacy announces the cancellation of the Legacy-GOD MDP.

It is after further deliberation and thought that with a heavy heart we announce the activation of the Clause VI of the Legend of the Commonwealth MDoAP:

[quote]Law of Legend VI: SpacingOutMan

In the case that either party feels it necessary to terminate this treaty, they should first inform the other signatory of their intention, and are required to wait 72 hours before termination to allow the signatories to discuss their problems and attempt to work out any differences. This document can be reinstated by mutual consent at any time during this period, and is in full effect until the period has been exhausted. During these 72 hours, both parties shall search relentlessly to get in contact with SpacingOutMan, for he must mediate the talks. It is advised that he bring pie to the occasion. [/quote]

Following the 72 hours if the treaty is indeed canceled Clause VII will be recognized:

[quote]Law of Legend VII: Jtpizzalover

Upon termination both parties agree to a two-week period of non-aggression toward one another. At which point Jt will bring pizza and try to bring the parties back together [/quote]

It is regrettable that we feel this is the only action we are able to take. We thank CSN for their protection at our formation and we wish them only the best.

Signed for Legacy:
Sarmatian Empire, Lord
TehChad, Regent
August Heimmsmeyer, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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[quote][b][center]The Morning After Pill Accords [/b][/center]

Article I:
Legacy and The Dark Templar (henceforth known as DT) are independent organizations and will remain as such.

Article II:
Legacy and DT agree not to engage in any aggressive actions toward each other.

Article III:
Legacy and DT vow to maintain open relations with one another, furthering friendship and keeping an open information exchange.

Article IV:
If either party is attacked the other party has the option to come to the attacked parties aid, via war, aid, or in any fashion they deem fit.

Article V:
Legacy and DT will not commit espionage or aid in espionage against the other party. If espionage is committed this agreement is immediately terminated.

Article VI:
A party should alert the other party if they learn of, or suspect, espionage against either party.

Article VII:
Should either party wish to cancel, they should alert the other part, and an official notice must be posted on the CN forums after which a period of 72 hours of nonaggression will be in effect.

Signed for the Dark Templar,
Myworld, Triumvir
TiTaN, Triumvir
Supa_Troop3r, Triumvir
Penlugue Solaris/Bob, High Templar of Foreign Affairs
Lejeune, Ch.M, High Templar of Internal Affairs
CzarBomba, High Templar of Financial Operations
MaGNeT, High Templar of Defense

Signed for Legacy,
Sarmatian Empire, Lord
Teh Chad, Regent
August Heimmsmeyer, Minister of Foreign Affairs

And a brief note. I think we showed already how highly we value our ODPs in fighting Legacy last war..I wouldn't suggest testing the bond between us, even if it is at the ODP level.

Edited by Penlugue Solaris
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Pronunciation: /ɛksˌpɛliˈɑrməs/ eks-pel-ee-ar-məs
Description: This [s]treaty[/s] spell is used to disarm another [s]alliance[/s] wizard, typically by causing the victim's [s]ally[/s] wand to fly out of reach.[/center]


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[quote name='Dom Zak' timestamp='1311212246' post='2760093']
woooooooooow. So you ditch your old 2 friends and get 2 new ones so you don't get rolled?

Classy :smug:
Actually, DT and Legacy aren't new friends. Legacy and DT go back quite a while, to when they were the Immortals. We held a treaty at the same level as this one.

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1311212199' post='2760090']
I don't even know what to say. This is the most efficient side switching I've seen in quite some time.

was just thinking that

honestly this thread has the biggest "F U" i've seen in a long time

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