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The Siberian Prosperity Cooperative

Captain Enema

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18:22 Germaine waits for the phone to be answered as it rings in Siberia.
18:22 Malenkov looks at his phone as it begins to ring and decides to answer it
18:23 Malenkov Hello? President Malenkov speaking
18:24 Germaine Yes, hello sir, My name is Johnathan Germaine of Port of Sudan Imports and Exports, I just got word of your amazing resource discoveries in your nation. It must be quite an exciting time for you.
18:25 Malenkov Ah hello Mr Germaine, Indeed it is, my advisors tell me it will give the Siberian economy a massive boost which will allow me to allocate more funds on national infrastructure. Very exciting indeed.
18:26 Germaine Excellent, I won't beat around the bush then. Port of Sudan Imports and Exports holds a very exclusive relationship with the Legion government. This relationship has benefited us favorably over the years. Like it has earlier this morning when a sizable sum of money was placed in our accounts for the expressed purpose of leasing land in your nation for the...
18:27 Germaine purpose of extracting your natural resources.
18:28 Malenkov Oh really Sir? Please do tell me more of your proposition, I myself already know of Port Sudan's repututation of being a very trustworthy company, that and LEGION has a long history of being one of the more honourable companies in the world.
18:30 Germaine You flatter me sir, but in short we wish to conduct what is a fairly standard commission between private entities with public monies. Legion business registration laws are... quite liberal. By using these we can establish a specific business entity tasked with extracting resources and developing the infrastructure of a specific area for a set period of time.
18:31 Germaine Your nation will get monies for the lease, your local citizens will be provided with free of cost culturally appropriate medical care and education, and roads, damns, and so forth will be built to assist in the extraction of these resources.
18:32 Malenkov How much land is looking to be leased?
18:32 Germaine Here is a map, one moment, I'll fax it to you.
18:34 Malenkov I see yes, well what is Port Sudan offering to pay for this lease and for how long?
18:35 Germaine 12 months seems like a fair start and 35 percent of all profits realized by the mineral extraction after expenses. Books to be kept and monitored jointly by Port of Sudan and your government tax agency. Upfront, a cash payment of 75 million to show we are serious about our intentions.
18:36 Germaine We are prepared to go up to 50 percent for all profits on mineral extraction as well.
18:38 Malenkov and what of the local population? There is a rather large Cossack and Turkic community in the area.
18:38 Malenkov Would this community be offered Employment oppertunities with Port Sudan?
18:40 Germaine Medical and education services to be paid for by us. Considering the climate I suspect most of hiring will be done locally. I can't make an outright promise as to the percentage we will hire as that depends on the availability of skilled workers. But what isn't there now will be there later through local training programs and they'll be given apprenticeship
18:40 Germaine opportunities and then hired full time by Port of Sudan.
18:41 Malenkov This is an excellent proposition Sir, if you fax me a copy of the contract, I will present it to the Senate for approval.
18:42 Germaine There is one standard clause that we have to insist upon. Should your government fall the land reverts to full Port of Sudan ownership under Legion control, should Legion fall, Port of Sudan staff and facilities in the area will come under Siberian control.
18:42 Germaine Governments are fragile things these days, coming and going coming and going.
18:46 Malenkov Well as I said, if you fax me the contract, Ill present it to the Senate and get their opinion and it will be voted on for approval. Whilst I wish I could sign this outright, I must keep the people in the loop.
18:47 Germaine feeds the document into the fax machine and sends it on its way.
18:47 Germaine Let me know the results as soon as possible. The business entity I'll be creating exactly for this purpose will be called The Siberian Prosperity Cooperative.
18:48 Germaine If you have any trouble with your legislators let me know as well, I can pay them a visit and help them understand the exact nature of the situation as well.
18:48 Germaine signals one of his men to get several large packages of cash ready to slip to various politicians.
18:50 Malenkov Will do Mr Germaine, I shall call you back in roughly a weeks time.
18:51 Germaine Thank you sir, have a pleasant day.
18:51 Germaine hangs up the phone and finds something else productive to do.
18:52 Malenkov puts the phone down

19:08 Malenkov picks up his phone and rings Mr Germaine
19:08 Germaine picks up the phone and says, "Hello sir."
Malenkov Malenkov picks up his phone and rings Mr Germain
19:18 Germaine Hello sir!
19:20 Malenkov I presented the contract to the Senate and its good news.
19:21 Germaine Indeed?
19:24 Malenkov I had almost full backing from both parties, it was ratified and signed early yesterday morning. It should be coming through your fax now.
19:26 Germaine I have it here, I'll be commencing operations shortly. Expect a full team from Port of Sudan to be on the ground within a week. I'll have a representative get in touch with your Ministers of Health and Education as well. I suspect they'll be better able to provide local services at our expense than we will be able to do so.
19:27 Malenkov Well once you have men on the ground, contact the local Government authority and they will arrange the regional Health and Education ministers to meet up with you.
19:31 Germaine Excellent, I bid you good day sir, I have a great deal to get done with this contract signed and hangs up the phone and gets to work.[/quote]

With the contract signed, the money transferred, Germaine begins the task of starting local operations in the Prosperity Cooperative. He picks up his phone and calls an old friend, from his days as a machine gunner in the African Legion.

"Chellani, got a free moment?" asks Germaine.

"For you boss, I've got nothing but time." Chellani replies.

"Good, got a job for you, security for a mineral extraction project up in Siberia, get your woolen underpants on," Germaine replies.

"Roger sir, how much staff will I be alloted?" Chellani asks.

"Security, 400 men, support staff, 1000 men, and technical staff, 800 men," Germaine replies.

"Good lord, this is a major project," Chellani says and finishes with a low whistle as he roughly tallies the expenses.

"Profits ought to justify the expense. Bring along a few old Special Operations Groups types, they are experts at working with civilian groups. They can organize the services and hire more security men and train them. End of the year your security staff should be no less than 900, with 700 of them local hires," Germaine orders.

"Shouldn't be a huge bother, bet I can get that number up to 850 local hires. They know the area better, makes more sense, us old Legionnaires will provide technical support. Speaking of which, what sort of heavy equipment will we have?" asks Chellani.

"Lemme know when you get there, source it locally, I'm not shipping a bunch of old clunky choppers when we can buy them cheaper in the area," Germaine replies.

"Gotcha sir, I'll get busy putting together a requisitions list just after I hire myself a smart type who knows human resources, got to go legit in this private sector now that I'm a proper business man and all," Chellani replies.

"Oh shut up, you are probably in a whore house, get off the phone and get to work," Germaine barks as he hangs up.

"You heard them man darling," Chellani says to the well endowed prostitute.

"Story of my life Chellani, will you be back later for another go?" she asks.

"Definitely, not many women like you where I am going," Chellani replies as he gets dressed and returns to his office.

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Chellani takes one look at the motley crew of men and women assembled in the large hangar at Port Sudan International Airport. He groans a bit as he examines them a bit before standing behind a lectern and tapping on the microphone before saying, "If I could have your attention for a moment I'll get this presentation underway."

The crowd of tired, surly, and cranky Sudanese men and women take their seats. White faces, well tanned ones from living in Sudan, peek out of the crowd here and there. A testament to the growing trans-national flavor of Legion as a whole. "You've all signed your employment contracts, tax forms, and insurance forms. You have all signed your nondisclosure agreements. This makes your official employees of the Siberian Prosperity Cooperative."

"Sir, we are going to Siberia?" asks one a geologist.

"Yes, we have an exclusive mineral and petro extraction contract," replies Chellani and concludes with, "And to be fair we have an opt out clause in your contract. From this point on you have one hour to opt out without penalty. After that point you lose your sign up bonus. Once we get to Siberia you become responsible for your transport costs if you decide to quit. Wages are twice the usual rate given the location and environmental conditions."

"Sir, I'm Deaung, Head of Security, will we be using the usual suspects for Security considerations or hiring locals?" asks Deaung a very compact and muscular Sudanese looking fellow.

"Both, 400 man team to begin with. We have the A-List to chose from with Port of Sudan Employment sources. So we'll be taking a cross selection of specialties to begin with. I have a short list of applicants for Security. Good heaping of Combat Engineers from the old Coastal Defense Projects that need some work. They'll come in handy when we get busy with building larger facilities for resource extraction. Once you've trained up a local security force we'll transfer the CEs over to an appropriate department. We'll also be taking a platoon of old Special Operations Group Operators. They'll handle training and be responsible for our Civic Affairs. Colonel Jeremy Rolunast is your go to man for that," Chellani concludes.

"Sir, what about Sciences and Technical?" asks some geek.

"Geologists, Engineers, and whatnot, all to be sent in with the first wave. We'll be hiring local specialists as soon as we can," Chellani responds.

"Equipment?" asks some slightly tubby looking Logistical Expert.

"Sourced locally to save on shipping costs," Chellani says as he looks at the door pondering making a run for it. The questions don't end as the briefing take a few more hours of back and forth. It is a fairly productive session that ends with a few working groups putting forward their initial requests for equipment and clothing.

A request to the Siberian Government is sent out:

[quote]To: Siberian Governemt
From: Port of Sudan

We'll purchasing extensive stocks of local equipment. As of now we require the following:

X number of X types of earth movers and other construction gadgets

18 Heavy Transport Helicopters

X number of x types of Vehicles for Local work

Housing for X number of Prosperity Cooperative Employees that are to be arriving shortly.

Payment will be made at local rates from Port Sudan Commerce Bank Account # XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Many Thanks,
Chellani, Acting President of the Prosperity Cooperative[/quote]

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**Private Reply**

The requested equipment will be provided on arrival. Twelve housing blocks with a capacity of 50 people each are available for company housing. They are excellent quality homes with fully functioning utilities and are all furnished.

Mayor Alexi Grotzney

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Chellani and his merry men and irate women start boarding their planes. They walk up the ramps carrying heavy duffel bags of cold weather clothing. They'll be boarding the plane wearing their Sudanese attire and changing in flight. They are traveling economy as Gentleman Johnny Germaine is many things, and a tightfisted cheap old bugger is one of those things.

Still, the beer and vodka is plentiful and many of the men and women managed to burn through a great deal of their signing bonuses on the flight on drinking and gambling. Chellani and his higher ranking executives refrain from such antics. They've managed to get their seats upgraded to first class and are enjoying a pleasant and quiet flight with champagne and baked cod all the way to Siberia.

Once on the ground the rather hung over and haggard employees of the Prosperity Cooperative stagger off their plane and immediately forget they are hung over as the change of climate slaps them right in the face. It might be summer across the globe, but a summer in Siberia is a hell of a lot colder than a summer in the middle of Sudan. One of the men says, "Allah preserve me from this wretched place," and vomits all over the tarmac.

"Lovely, I see the boys are settling right in," mutters Chellani as he and his executives board private cars hired to take them to their housing as the working stiffs are herded onto buses after some of them are hosed off by customs after setting off a Geiger counter. Mutters of, "Morons playing with radium and such," are heard all around as the waiting men and women make caustic jokes about the three men being blasted with cold water and the effects of the cold upon them.

Once everyone is settled they are given a 96 hour stand down. They have orders to spend 6 hours a day outside doing physical activity in order to grow accustomed to the climate. This gives Chellani and his upper management types time to put out the word that a few good Siberians are wanted for a bit of dirty hard work extracting resources at the hind end of Siberia.

And to meet with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health as well. Promises are promises and they will be kept and more so in the case with the Siberian locals. Given that they are the future employee base of the Co-op it only makes sense that they are well educated, healthy, and in a good frame of mind towards the Co-op. No sense in pissing them all off with stiffing them with inferior services. A messenger is sent over to both offices with a proposal for Port of Sudan funding schools and hospitals in the Prosperity Cooperative area.

As this is happening one of the Engineers and a few of his former-Combat Engineering types go look over the equipment. Each machine is cranked up, driven around, played wi.. err.. tested, and signed off as in working condition. The logbooks are checked and items are flagged for further attention where needed. All in all it is decided that the Siberian equipment is in good condition and more than adequate for the needs of the Co-op.

(ooc: can you forward the map to lynneth for adding it to the world map?)

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The proposals reached the desks of both Ministers within minutes of each other and similarly, replies were also dispatched within minutes, permission was granted.

Trainlines into the area began shutting down as a train just short of 3.5 kilometers long began entering the Co-op area of operations. Its cargo ranged from 18 MI-26 heavy lift helicopters straight from the factory which was next to the railroad outside of Logashinko, and a number of heavy vehicles and smaller commerical vehicles only known to the Quarter Master back in the trainyard.

All of the helicopters and heavy vehicles were in excellent, fresh from the factory condition, however the smaller commercial vehicles, whilst in good running order, could do with a little rust treatment and an oil change, but nothing too major.

The train would stop when directed and allow the Co-op personel a chance to inspect the cargo.

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Co-op Main Office-Logashinko

Human Resources has been set up in dedicated office space. Local computers have been purchased along with desks, printers, and all the other items needed to set up a proper office. A security system consisting of both electronic and physical security has been installed as well. Control of this system is kept in the hands of Port of Sudan Contract Security Employees who are well versed in these matters.

Twenty men have been hired to keep an armed presence in the office at all times. Two men for the front door, two men for the interior with eight hour shifts. They are armed with both pistols, shotguns, and collapsible batons.

The HR Executive for the Co-op immediately puts out advertisements for the various positions needing to be filled. Heavy emphasis is placed on supply chain management and skilled machinery operators. Geologists that are well versed in the local are advertised for as well.

Local Mining Engineers are high on the list of desired staff. The sooner that the Co-op gets resources flowing out of the earth the sooner Port of Sudan stops howling in their ears about seeing a profit for this already horrifically expensive project.

Co-op Base- Prosperity Zone

The Prosperity Zone, that bit of land being leased to the Co-op by the Siberian government, is remote. Co-op Engineers are hard at work building a full sized base for the purpose of supporting a mineral and petroleum extraction effort in the Prosperity Zone.

With them the Civil Affairs Officers, ex-special forces operators, and their hired translators are busy. These teams fan out through the country side doing surveys, inventories, and spot checks. They have been given a list to determine the following:

1) Areas needing immediate medical resources put in place.
2) Areas needing infrastructure development assistance.
3) Areas to be designated as culturally sensitive and being placed off limits to development.
4) Areas needing police support.
5) Areas to be classified as potential troubled spots due to possible ethnic tensions.

Doctors, nurses, and other specialists are being advertised for by the HR Department. A large hospital with a series of remote clinics are to be constructed once the Prosperity Zone Base is completed. Once the clinics are done the Co-op Civil Affairs Staff and attached Combat Engineer support will begin improving the local infrastructure.

The priority to be placed in the following order:

1st Roads
2nd Airstrips
3rd Water supply
4th Food Storage
5th Housing
6th Schools and Hospitals

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The work on the Co-op proceeds at a furious pace. Security is in place, schools have been built, factories have been completed as well. The first of what will be several clinics are just now going up around the countryside to support the local population.

Recruiting levels have been met and talented men and women have been put on the payroll and put to work.

Aluminum is what the Co-op is after at the moment, and the minerals needed to make it are certainly in an abundant supply. The first hires of miners were put to work a few weeks ago just as soon as their prefab shelters were thrown up and the heaters installed.

The prefabs being slated for improvement in the weeks to come of course. A happy co-op worker is a productive one and all. Might as well make sure the men and women are content with their living and eating arrangements.

Chellani and his security chief are pleased with the local hires who have taken up security duties. Finding policemen that are trained and ready to serve way out in the middle of no where proved far easier than expected given the rates of pay being offered. These officers are put to work training local recruits to keep themselves policed.

When possible a local recruit of the project is hired. Often more advanced degrees and such make it difficult to find a local recruit, but for most menial roles and equipment operations positions the manpower requirements are filled locally.

Chellani finds that the industrious nature of the locals leads him to belief that local scholarships ought to be made for the young boys and girls to study in higher institutions in Siberia.

'Shouldn't be a problem, once the aluminum starts making its way to Ceylon we'll be awash in cash,' he thinks to himself as he makes a note to have an accountant set up a nonprofit organization inside of Siberia and a partner in Port Sudan for the handling of a scholarship fund for local Co-op boys and girls.

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1st Shipment of Aluminum makes its way out of the PoS Co-op much to the relief of Port of Sudan and their silent investors the Legion's Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The new ships from the Cajun Confederacy are working quite well in terms of ease of loading and cargo capacity.

Several other mineral extraction sites are being investigated along with petroleum drilling sites.

Schools have been finished and local teachers hired along with others from the rest of Siberia. A Siberian Prosperity Cooperative Board of Eduction is formed with an eye for ensuring quality of education that is inline with local standards is formed. A high ranking educational specialist from the Siberian University system is retained in and advisory capacity for this project.

A 5 percent Native Redistribution Fund is established to allow a local Prosperity Cooperative natives access to PoS Co-op stock and profits. The exact mechanics of the situation are murky at this point in time, but are being explored.

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The promised local schools, clinics, hospitals, and advanced training centers have been completed. An emphasis on a cultural protection campaign is now being funded in order to preserve the native cultural lifestyle and belief structures. Local schools are ordered to instruct the national language and the preferred local native dialect to their students.

The PoS Co-op Employee Fund has been established to re-distribute 10 percent of the net profits back to the local population. These monies come out of Port of Sudan's end. It is believed that profits from the area will be significant enough to warrant such a gesture in the name of making sure the locals directly benefit from the projects.

Petroleum sites and steel refineries are being worked on. Projected completion time is set for 3 months. Until them shipments of aluminum to Ceylon will continue to fill the PoS coffers with ample profits.

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The sheer flood of minerals of all types are difficult for Legion to transport. They are doing their best to keep the flow of minerals and petroleum products going to Ceylon. Further, a natural gas pipeline is being constructed to directly provide the heartland of Siberia with a constant supply of inexpensive natural gas. Certainly a boon to their economy once this project is complete.

The expense for the pipeline is being written off as a operational cost and the repayment for it is expected to come out of the revenues of the long term natural gas sales to Siberian businesses and households.

Local schools, clinics, and other government functions are running at full capacity. Local natives are currently accounting for 83 percent of the workforce in these areas. With time it is expected that the more skilled positions will be turned over to natives returning from Siberian Universities where they are currently busy studying all matter of subjects paid for by the Co-op Profit Sharing Scheme.

Chellani has further invited a member of good standing from the local community to join him on the Prosperity Co-Op as a member of the board of directors giving the local community a direct say in the activities of this business operation.

Security is now being handled by nearly 100 percent local hires. They've been extensively trained and equipped by Legion technicians who specialize in this sort of thing.

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A cheque is hand delivered to the Siberian Economic Minister that consists of the Co-ops yearly taxes. It is quite large, very large in fact, with many zeroes after the number four.

Local students enjoy a 2 week holiday in which they are treated to Co-op Security Sponsored events that include helicopter rides, rappelling, paintball fights in the kill houses, and several week long camping events with local tribal elders to encourage the young men and women to explore their native roots.

Food, beverages, and other items are provided by the co-op.

Shipments of metals and fuel to Ceylon are doubled in this period and the natural gas pipeline to the rest of Siberia is half complete.

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A letter from the finance minister would find itself at the head office of the Co-op's head office in Siberia thanking them for their continuing hard work and dedication to the agreement. It made a point of informing the Co-op that the profits made had been immediately allocated to the ongoing construction and expansion work in Kamchatka Oblast.

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