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Forte Merger

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After weeks of talking, POT's leader, President Harris, has finally decided to merge POT into Forte. With the new merger certain terms were made. Forte will set up a new system in government in which the government has two kings and a new constitution will be made. In return all POT members will become Forte members and members of the black sphere.

With the new merger sad time happened. POT will be forced to drop their protectorate with VE. Forte was forced to drop their protectorate with Amazon Nation.

But with the merger the 2 kings decided on asking RIA for a protectorate due to them both being in RIA formerly. After a day of voting RIA agreed to protect Forte.

With this new merger thing forte hopes to gain many members and many allies.

King: DrummerMike
King: President Harris [/center]

Tetris and Forte have agreed to the folloing terms:

1. Forte can keep the members it has at the moment. We will not message them, former POT or not

2. Tetris has claim to the nations currently on the POT AA, and Forte will not message them again

3. Keep Drummer away from us

Signed on behalf of Tetris,

Selena Gomez - Game Developer
Pollard - Acting Game Developer

Hereno - Programmer of Foreign Matters
Ali5541 - Programmer of Internal Matters
USMC123 - Programmer of Game Patent
dane0 - Programmer of Line Completion

Archer, Granat, Ridin High - Game Councilors

Signed on behalf of Forte,

DrummerMike - King of Forte


Croix - RIA Head of Internal Affairs

Edited by DrummerMike
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Top Posters In This Topic

As was decided and voted upon in the Tetris Channel, I am the official Viceroy of this alliance and I do not approve as this will delay the merger that was planned. Tetris will be disappointed over this apparent disregard to the Viceroy and will probably have to take action against these Rogue Elements in Forte.

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The Random Insanity Alliance officially confirms that we are protecting Forte. The treaty will be announced at a later time. Thank you.

EDIT: I was a few seconds late it appears. :v:

Edited by ShadowDragon
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[quote name='DrummerMike' timestamp='1311125954' post='2759546']
...Forte was forced to drop their protectorate with Amazon Nation.


Forte wasn't "forced" to do anything. I wasn't even informed that any of this was going on.

RIA's good people, though. ;)

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Wow, with a protector like AzN, definately bad form to not even tell them you were dropping protection. Can't see how this could not have waited until proper notification had been made.

Edited by gambona
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[quote name='DrummerMike' timestamp='1311129275' post='2759579']
Bloodfury the second you tell me what your going to do i will give you ops

As Viceroy I am calling for the disbandment of Forte and for the members to join Tetris.

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[quote name='Mixer' timestamp='1311126462' post='2759551']
In reference to the topic title: if you tell people we shouldn't care then we aren't going to care. This is a milestone in your alliance's achievements so be proud and act like it.
To be fair, I wouldn't have cared either way.

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