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About The Allied Nations

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Have you ever felt like nothing, like you are constantly oppressed by the older and more powerful nations. Well if you do, than The Allied Nations is for you! We make sure that every nation in our alliance is comfortable and happy. Unhappy nations have the choice to submit a complaint or talk to me personally. We enjoy it when everybody is happy, especially with the government. Our government is laid out into three branches: Presidential, Legislative, and judicial branches. No branch has more power than the other. We also do not support attacking other nations for money, land, and tech. Because we give them the money to buy it. Of course it must be paid back, but the first time a member asks for aid, we give it for free. We also are happy when you are happy with your government position. And when you do a good job, you get a reward, bad job, you get thanked for trying. We allow people to insult the president anyway they like, except with profanity. It makes us sad though because they aren't happy with the leader. Anything you want, all you do is ask. if you want 1 million dollars, just ask. We have to get the money though. And you must pay it back. We protect our members in a war, you mess with one, you mess with us all. And we would love to help any other nations with small problems. If anybody wants to join, just message me on Cyber Nations.

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