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Declaration of Existence for the TRA

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"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation
in every sense of the word" - Author John Steinbeck

We of the people of the Texas Republican Army. Harken back to Mr. Steinbeck's words. That resonate to us across time and space. They grab a part of our souls and leave an undeniable pride for our alliance which has stood in many different incarnations. This should not be viewed as a completely new entity, but rather a continuation of our culture and spirit from its beginning on the fields of Goliad.

Texas, dear Texas! From tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes! We come your children true,
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

[b]Charter of the TRA[/b]

I. Preamble

We, the nations of The Texas Republican Army. ( Here after referred to as the TRA) In order to form an Alliance. To establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and general welfare of the red trade sphere; and to secure to secure liberty for ourselves among the alliances of Planet Bob, do ordain the establishment of this charter.

II. Bill of Rights

Article I.
Every nation in the TRA shall have the right of free speech first and foremost. A public forum shall be provided for an maintain by the government of the TRA, furthermore this forum shall be a place for nations of the TRA to air grievances, propose new legislation to be voted on by the Senate, and to foster bonds among other member nations. However the President and Senate reserve the right to edit any post by any member nation for the sake of a wider understanding by the alliance at large. If a nation feels they have been censored in anyway may file a grievance with the senate which will be judged upon in a timely manner. The President or Senate also reserve the right to edit or remove any post deemed to share publicly certain information that may be seen as threatening to the alliance in time of great turmoil or crisis.

Article II.
At any point in it’s existence has the right to secede from the TRA, provided that a letter of resignation is submitted to the Secretary of Immigration no earlier than 24 hours before said nations time of official departure. If a former member nation wishes to be readmitted to the TRA it must follow all previous set induction procedures, and is furthermore put under review from the Senate. The Senate and Presedint also reserve the right to restrict or stop all immigration during times of war.

Article III.
All member nations found guilty of dissertation or treason, during times of war shall forfeit the right to Senate protection, and shall fall under the direct jurisdiction of General of the TRA. However said nation is allowed to present its case to the General of the Army in a public manner being no more than 24 hours after the charges are brought forth to the alliance. If no response is made it shall be considered to be strictly to the discretion of the General of the TRA.

III. Executive Branch

Article I.

The TRA shall be made up of and led by the President of the TRA. The President shall be active in ever aspect of governance and leadership of the TRA. The office of President shall be perennial meaning that the office of President shall rule until such time that he steps down, or until a process of impeachment is brought forth. The President Shall have all rights and authority as granted to him in this charter.

Article II.

The President shall appoint military officers and purpose Diplomatic and Secretarial positions. The President will also assume the position of Commander-in-Chief in times of War.

Article III.

The President shall have the right to enter into any treaty with any other alliance with a three fifths approval of the Senate.

Article IV.

Shall the President resign or become incapacitated the Speaker of the Senate shall become the interim
Leader of the TRA until a new President is appointed via a unanimous vote of the Senate.

III. Legislative

Article I.

The officers of the Senate shall consist of five Senators elected by popular vote of all member nations on the 2nd day of every month. The Senate has the right to amend this charter at any time a unanimous vote of the Senate is reached.. The Senate may pass any new legislation not pertaining to this charter with a three fifths vote. If impeachment charges are brought forth against the President the Senate shall take it as their duty to pass judgment upon the matter with a minimum of three fifths vote.

Article II.

The President may veto any legislation passed by the Senate. However the Senate may overrule a Presidential Veto with a unanimous vote.

Article III.

The Senate shall be represented publicly by the Speaker of the Senate, who shall come to said position by being the longest serving member of the Senate.

Article IV.

The Senate and Presidency shall be held accountable before all nations of the TRA. A public vote can be called before the Senate on any issue. With a majority vote of all member nations of the TRA.

Article V.

The Senate shall appoint all Ministers, Secretaries or Diplomats with a three fifths vote.

Section I.

The Secretary of Immigration shall be responsible for recruiting new nations, teaching new members the rules and regulations of the TRA. They shall also keep member nations informed upon in change in the governance of the TRA.

Section 2.

The Secretary of Homeland Security shall be responsible for all investigations into accusations of charter violations, and shall present their findings to the Senate .

Section 3.
The Secretary of Foreign affairs has the power to negotiate treaties and trade agreements with any foreign power with the approval of the President and a three fifths vote of the Senate.

Section 4
The Secretary of Economics shall be responsible for setting up trade agreement within the TRA. It shall be their personal duty to ensure that all nations prosper to it’s full potential within the current economy of the TRA. They shall reserve the right to regulate all tech prices and agreements within the TRA.

Article VI.

All votes on any matter within the TRA shall be conducted in a timely manner no more than 24 hours after a vote is called for by either member Nations, The Senate or the Presidency.

Article VII.

Shall a Senator miss more than 3 votes in one given term in office the Senator shall be immediately removed and a popular vote held as the deciding vote for the Senator in question until such time a new Senator can be elected.

V. War

Article I.
The TRA is opposed to war. However it does recognize that foreign and domestic threats do arise. The TRA may declare war if a unanimous vote of the Senate is reached

Article II.
The President of the TRA is allowed to declare an emergency action not to last more than 72 hours. If a unanimous vote is not reached in that time all offensive actions must cease, and peace talks most begin.

Article III.
The President shall appoint a member nation to the position of the General of the TRA. The General of the TRA is responsible for organizing all military operations within the TRA. The General of the TRA shall serve in their office until dismissed by the President of the TRA.

Article IV.
Tech raiding shall be permitted with the permission of the General of the TRA. However this stipulation pertains to unaligned nations only. Any nation caught tech raiding on an allied nation will be dealt with swiftly. Any tech raids conducted against the TRA will be considered and act of aggression against the TRA as a whole.

Article V.
Spy actions will be considered unacceptable for or against the TRA spies will be shot with no remorse and their rulers dealt with.

Article VI.
Surrender will be accepted, however it will only be accepted as an unconditional surrender.

Signed this day July 16 2011

StephenFAustin-Interim President
(Neches Colony)

(Bowies Bastion)

(Republic of Dallas)


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