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The Knights Templar - Chronicles

Zoot Zoot

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Just sayin, I wont recognise any asshattery from anyone unless its planned with me first.

The ship pulled into a small village Port in Kamchatka Oblast, the vast emptiness of the Arctic behind them and the tundra of Siberia infront of them. Barney and Alice, both clad in Templar body armour purchased from a company in Ceylon stepped off the ship at the head of a column of two hundred other Knights, also clad in armour, swords at their sides and assault rifles over their shoulders. The port was empty, no customs officers, no dock workers, just nobody. Both Barney and Alice had been expecting a welcoming party of Republican Guard but nobody was to be seen and it was deathly quiet, the only sound that could be heard was the gentle lapping of the waves, the seaguls in the sky and a gentle hum in the air. The next thing to hit the party as it completed disembarking and moved closer to the warehouses was the smell of death. Its the most disinct smell in the world and even people who have never smelt death before, know exactly what it smells like.
As the smell got worse the Knights began to place magazines into their rifles and spread out across the quayside, Alice moving to the center of this all round defence behind some loading palets and Barney striding on forward towards a cluster of buildings.

"Brother Knights hear me. Nearby is a military command post, first Recon, go check it out, do not been seen and do not open fire unless fired at. If challenged then identify yourselves and try and make contact. If contact is not made, then fall back to this position. Alice find somewhere for us to shelter for the night, easily defensible." he said without looking back, his cybernetic eye scanning the area infront of him.
"Im going to have a look around, i'll report back in an hour, protect the relics." he spoke into his radio before vanishing into the fog which was now rolling in from the sea in great swirls.

Barney took full advantage of his new limbs and medical reconstruction as he scoured the area for the source of the smell which was now thick and putrid, if he didnt have a gas mask built into his armour, he guess he could probably chew the air it was so laden with the stench. That was when he noticed the doorways as he moved into a residential estate behind the docks. Large red crosses painted on them. They were familiar but he couldnt place where from. His P90 was raised to eye level as he approached a door, the smell was unbearable the closer he got. Reaching forward with his left hand, his right holding the weapon up, he opened the door only to step back in disgust. He had seen such things before in the Fortress but that was a long time ago, before he began hating himself for the things he did and before he took the vow. The humming heard from the docks had long since grown to a steady drone and it took him a minute to realise it was flies feasting on the dead, but this one house couldnt be the source of all the noise.

"Alice, its Barney, I think something bad happened here, I have just found a house and its occupants are dead, first recon have anything to report?" His radio crackled to life as Alice's voice came through into his earpiece.
"Aye, recon reports the same thing at the outpost, no guards out front. They went inside to check it out and everybody is dead. Perhaps a company of soldiers, most of them in the outposts medical center, the rest are in their beds. What do you think happened? Plague?"

Barney couldnt believe his ears, an entire company of soldiers dead from some sort of disease and the Army hadn't sent in teams to investigate? Thats when he realised he was being watched from afar.
"I'm being watched, around 250 yards away to my North in the housing estate behind the docks, my position is just inside the estates gateway outside a large block of terranced houses, number three im outside of" he spoke quietly into the mic, not moving his body so his watcher wouldnt realise he had been detected.

"Ok Barney, hold your position, im deploying a squad of Knights to your position now." came her voice, now edged with fear.
Where had it gone? Barney turned slowly, the P90 still raised to respond to any threat. Whoever was watching him had moved, but he could still feel eyes watching him, infact he realised he was being watched from several different places. He turned again, and again and again. His watchers no longer bothered to conceal themselves as they approached him from all sides. The closest was a young girl, no older than thirteen, streaked with blood, dirt and tears she stopped just short of 20 feet away, as did the others who in total numbered thirteen. Their silence un nerved Barney as he peered closely at the girl. She was sick, that was evident, massive blisters had formed on her arms and legs, turning black at the edges, large black boils had formed on her neck and through a rip in her school shirt, her armpits. Glancing at the others, eached shared similar markings of the plague, only this couldnt be plague. He had seen plague in the Fortress and this is a very advanced form of the bacteria, they should have been in bed dying or already dead.

"Little girl, what is your name?" he spoke softly in Russian.
"Amelia" she rapsed causing Barney to almost collapse in shock and how strong and commanding her voice was.
"What happened here Amelia? where is everybody, where are your parents?
"They're all dead, everybody is dead. A woman came and spoke to the village in the church. She was beautiful, tall with long dark hair and red eyes, she was dressed like you. She had a man with her, all dressed in black with long yellow hair." she said as her eyes darted around the group.
"When was this?, when did they come?" said Barney, almost dreading the answer.
"Independance Day, during the celebrations" she cried as she dropped to her knees, pressing her face into the wet tarmac and dirt causing Barney to spring forward to pull her back up but almost immediately he felt a blade at the base of his spine. He wasnt at all scared, he was essentially bulletproof anyway but none the less he felt the familiar tingle crawling up it as he prepared himself to fight.

"Don't touch her. Her entire family is dead, as are all of ours and we are soon to be. I know who you are Templar, and I know who you are in league with" came a voice that sounded as old as time itself.
"Who might that be then? came the calm response of Barney as he stiffened up to rip the mans arm off.
"Barney Stone, Knight Commander of the Knights Templar. Second to Grand Master Alice Wesker."
"What of it, who did this to the village, and if you dont remove that knife I will tear off your arm" said Barney, now fully ready to slaughter these plague carriers.
"Albert Wesker and his other daughter Ashley, whilst you were in Ceylon under going your many surgeries" came the voice once more.
That was the breaking point for Stone as he kicked out, catching his attacker in the kneecap before quickly turning and picking him up by the scruff of his neck.
"What is your name, speak quickly or forever hold your peace" spat Barney, now throughly enraged by the audacity of the man, and shock and how much he knew about him. The world believed Stone to have been executed seventeen years ago.
"My name is not important, but you will die if you dont leave this place. She will come for you and your knights and you will kneel at her feet as you beg for your lives." came a barely audible response from the cloaked man, now on the floor, his head bowed. But not far long as he flicked it up briefly at the sound of heavy bootprints. The newly arrived Templars formed a line behind Barney and the ragged survivors and presented their weapons, ready to fire.
"See you around Barney" same the man on the ground as he sprang up and ran off down a sidestreet with the rest of the now scattering survivors.

Sometime later inside the villages church the company of knights prayed. With a high, thick wall and wrought iron gates, the church was pretty secure. All the windows were reinforced for the weather and were too high up for anybody to climb through, one door in and our and that was shut and locked with large heavy beam of wood and wrought iron. It could of been a railway bracer as far as anybody was concerned but nothing was coming through the door. Beanth the church lay the catacombs, after exploring every passageway, no other entrance was found so the company of Knights moved underground, leaving only a platoon topside with a sniper in the belltower to keep watch. Night enveloped the village and more fog rolled in off the sea proving almost zero visibility. Barney walked into Alice's room, formerly the Priests room but he was beyond caring now buried in the graveyard.

"Alice?" He whispered gingerly.
"Whats up Barney,?" came a fast reply most associated with somebody who had no intention of sleeping.
"I dont think Wolf is dead" and as soon as he said it he regretted it because Alice had him by his throat against the doorframe.
"Ashley saw him die. He is dead, dont do this to me" she screamed at him, spittle landing on his face.
"Ashley says she saw him die. It was Ashley that did this to this place and who knows what else she has done. When the man today lifted his head before he ran I recognised the scars on his face. Wolf is alive Alice, I swear to you" he gasped, shocked at how strong the serum her father made her take had made her. Alice let go of him and sank to the floor, her mind going out of control as she contemplated the possibility of Wolf, no, of Tiberius being alive after surviving going back into Porton Down. She had to find him.
"Tomorrow Barney, take Recon squads one and two out with you, I want this place mapped out and I want those survivors found. I'll have the rest of the Knights recover the dead and bury them."

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