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So many disbandments...

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We decided to break the trend.


Five years and many members ago, our forefathers (Azure Mantle, Heretic, and Aryndil) and mother (Nadjia) brought forth on this Planet Bob a new alliance, conceived in the great alliance boom (Also, split from OIN), and dedicated to the protection and growth of the North Atlantic region and her nations.


Five years later, and we're still kickin along!

As many of you know, we've had a very long and rich history, and we invite all of you who remember us from the past to join us in the present to celebrate our future. We'll talk about old times, share some rum, and maybe even get Tank to show some leg. Throughout the week we'll be hosting games, competitions, festivities, etc. We [b]strongly[/b] encourage any ex-members to stop by and say hello as well.

Also, a preliminary round of rum, on the house. Stop by our [url=http://forum.cn-nadc.net/]forums[/url] or IRC channel (#NADC) for more!


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My favourite alliance for the past five years. Happy birthday!

o/ Azure Mantle
o/ Nadjia
o/ Aryndil
o/ Heretic
o/ All of her fine members past and present

A special thanks to a friend, Emperor Charles VI, whom I wish were here on this day.


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i am proud to say that i have been helping lead the NADC for nearly 4 of those 5 years. You will never find a more friendly bunch than those puffins from the north atlantic. RUM RUM AND RUM!!! i will see you all on the other side of a well deserved hangover!

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[quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1310975734' post='2758318']
haters gonna hate, 5 years is an incredibly long period for an alliance to exist in the cyberverse, here's to many more.

Altho I do not really liek or care about NADC, I'd like to echo Mogar's sentiment here. Onto 5 more NADC!

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For those who've had their fair share of rum, I'm also opening up my stores of beer to everyone.


I mean, who wouldn't enjoy some Leinies? Got some other goodies in there too.

<3 NADC, my home for the vast majority of my career.

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[quote name='Melancholy Culkin' timestamp='1311000749' post='2758435']
I'm sorry to see you guys disband, you were a quality alliance.

Looks like someone didn't read the OP :P

Congratulations NADC!


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