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A fat man in china, on a mission

Shan Revan

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Henri Carnot, was a small man but rounded man, and nothing made this stand out more than when he boarded a private jet. Just big enough to make him seem dwarfed but with small enough doors for him to seem a little pudgy. He wouldn't have noticed that a few years ago, planes weren't an issue when trapped under water, but it was just his luck as today he was jet-setting away to meet with officials in the UFE. As Ministre de la Défense, he had been tasked with an important task.

It was a short trip but pleasant trip to Qingyuan. Henri had enjoyed a nap on the flight and was feeling refreshed for the meeting. He had come to talk business with his contemporaries within the UFE and as part of standard cooperation practices but Arséne had a proposal to make and Henri felt like nothing more than a glorified messenger as he sat in a small but luxurious waiting room - always a punctual man he had arrived early and just as always he hated himself for it.

"Just relax, after the hard work is done you can go check out some of the local delicacies" he thought to himself, trying to imagine the finest restaurant that would include an all you can eat buffet.

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Vice Imperator Kou came out of his office motioning for the Defense Minister to come in. The Vice Imperator was the exact opposite of the Defense Minister. Dressed in his exquisitely cut dark green military uniform, and standing six foot five, the Vice Imperator was near the exact opposite of the defense minister.

"Minister Cabot, good to see you please come in." he said motioning for the man to enter the Vice Imperator's office at the PLA Central Military Commission building.

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"Cabot?!" He indignantly thought to himself...
"I'm sorry for the confusion but it is in fact Carnot, but I digress, shall we move on?" Although he fumed at this sleight to his honour he knew it was best to move on.

After both men had taken their seats, Henri produced a stack of papers and hand a set to Kou.

"As always it is an honour to be in UFE, it is a wonderful nation, and I am most honoured to be meeting with the Vice Imperator himself". Henri was an odd man, certainly not the standard military type, and his over use of flattery always came off as a bit sickly sweet but surprisingly he did know how to run a military quite well.

"Recenlty I have been in many talks with my staff, and with His Royal Majesty, Arsene Moreau about our defence capabilities. As a result of these talks I bring this proposal. We have identified a key weakness in a military doctrines and wish to rectify it in a manner we believe will be mutually beneficial.

As you know, our military doctrines rely on superior technology, combined arms and most importantly cooperation and integration with our allies. Unfortunately we believe this last area to be sorely lacking.

Before you is a proposal for a biennial joint training operation to vastly improve interoperability between our nations. You can read the full selection of details in the documents but as a summary, full combined arms, using all branches of the military in a live fire excercise. Everything from carrier groups to the soldier on the ground and intelligence systems. We recently declared a large coastal area a military zone for training that we believe would be suitable for the operation"

Pausing for a moment to examine the Vice Imperator's face

"Naturally you will want to read the full proposal but how does that sound to you?"

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