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Buying Tech 6M (up front) for 200


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So, this type of deal is somewhat unconventional I know but allow me to explain the benefits (which I myself just finished reaping as a seller). Because you get all the cash up front and don't have to pay till 20 days into the deal you can sled after beginning the deal allowing you to collect right before you have to pay off and spend all that money on your nation before you collect. It works fantastically. If you look at my nation you will notice I am not yet two months old and already buying tech. I simply did 5 of these deals immediately upon creation of my nation and suddenly (without any aid from my alliance) I was at 3k infra by day 18. now I find myself done paying off the tech with 50 mill lying around and so I am buying.

my slots will be open in a few days. message me in game if you are interested.

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How can you be at 3K infra from day 18? Your natin is still at 3K and is 117 days old and the efficiency counter rebukes you.

You know that at 3K infra you're still better off selling tech right?

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