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The Prophecy Returns...

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[color="#FF8C00"][size="6"][b][font="Century Gothic"]Miss The Status Quo?[/font] :awesome: [/b][/size][/i][/color][/center]

[center][size="4"]W[/size]ell, we're back and better than ever!

We have a few things to announce to all of you, so stick with us for the awesome caek. It's been a while since we've made any announcements, we've been sitting in the back chillin' in the status quo with [b][color="#000000"]AzN[/color], [color="#0000FF"]GDA[/color], [color="#000000"]TSA[/color][/b](our allies are black and blue all over),[listotherallieshere]. They've helped us out a bit, we've been focusing on internal work such as growth, activity, and policy.

These policies and activity lead us to the first half of the announcement: Stats. Recently, we hit a good bit of marks. First was 2 WRC's(more than [color="#006400"][b]GGA[/b][/color]? [i]*GEEP-A-GASP*[/i]:o) Second, was 25,000 ANS. Third, and certainly not least, we hit 2.00 score. Again with the SQ, here's a snapshot...


[size="4"]S[/size]o next, without further ado, as the status quo goes at least. On with the boring stuff! We've made a revamp of our charter and have a full version for everyone. But as the status quo goes, no one will read it!


Status Quo was founded on the principles of forming a great community. A community that will help its members young and old grow and prosper. A community in which you are not judged for who you are. Status Quo will strive to connect all of its members both inside and outside the walls of the Cyberverse.

[u]Article 1. The Body Of The Alliance[/u]
Status Quo Members - SQ members are the meat and potatoes of Status Quo. They are one of the most powerful branches in Status Quo. The have right to overrule any decision made by the Government of Status Quo with a 60% vote plus 2 additional high government members.

The Status Quo Government - The Status Quo government will consist of six members. The Prophecy, the Squire and the 3 Noblemen.

The Prophecy contains 3 Prophets. They are the leaders of Status Quo. At any time with a 2/3 vote plus the Nobleman of War they may declare war. With a 2/3 vote they may sign into effect treaties. Same with canceling treaties. The Prophecy may pass amendments with 60% member approval and 2/3 vote from prophets.

The Squire a position which is appointed by the Prophets in the future. The Prophets with decide when it is time to appoint one. The Squire will then act like a fill in for any Prophet that is in active for 4 days or less and in the event of a tie vote between the Noblemen, Members and the Prophecy, the Squire will be used as a tie breaker. The Squire will also be used a temporary for any Nobleman that steps down or is impeached until a new Nobleman can be appointed or voted in.

The Status Quo government shall pass legislation with a majority vote of 2/3 with at least one Nobleman approval. Voting will be held to a maximum of 48 hours.

High Government: The Status Quo High Government will consist of four members. Three Prophets and a Squire. Prophets will serve terms until resignations or impeachment.

Noblemen - Noblemen will be voted upon by the Status Quo members. The Noblemen will be evaluated monthly by the high government. Noblemen of Status Quo are expected to oversee there respected departments and manage them to the best of there ability. In due time, more Noblemen positions may be made to fulfill the daily jobs needed to be done in SQ.

Nobleman of Foreign Affairs-(NoFA) The Nobleman of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for all things regarding foreign affairs. Organizing diplomats, making sure the Embassies are keeping clean and keeping relationship’s good with our allies and other alliances inside Cyber Nations.

Nobleman of Internal Affairs-(NoIA) The Nobleman of Internal Affairs main goals are to keep the alliance active and connected. The Nobleman of Internal Affairs is responsible for the well-being of the community of Status Quo. The Nobleman of Internal Affairs is in charge or recruiting new members and making sure each one is welcomed properly. The Nobleman of Internal Affairs will also be expected to look over ghosting in Status Quo.

Nobleman of War-(NoW) The Nobleman of War will be responsible for making sure every member of Status Quo is prepared for war in every aspect including War chests and Knowledge. The Nobleman of War is also responsible for making sure Check-Ins happen monthly.

[u]Article 2. Admission to Status Quo[/u]
To join Status Quo you must post a new topic in the membership area with the following:
Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Link:
Who Recruited you:
Previous Alliances if Any: Leave Blank if new to the game
Position's Held: Leave blank if new to the game
Team Color:
Do you have any experience in CyberNations? If no are you willing to learn?
Are you willing to get involved in the community of Status Quo?
Alliance Affliction set to Status Quo:(Y/N)
Added Status Quo Applicant to nation bio:(Y/N)
Other ways to contact you:(AIM MSN Yahoo)
Do you understand that you can not attack anyone for any reason without permission:

[u]Article 3. Tech Raiding[/u]
Under the "lolNONE" Proclamation, members of Status Quo are able to raid nations under no alliance affliction with approval from the NoW.

[u]Article 4. Waging War[/u]
To wage war on an alliance There must be 2/3 vote high government with Nobleman of War approval. However if honoring a treaty all government members and members of Status Quo must be informed 24 hours before a Deceleration of War may be posted.

[u]Article 5. Expulsion[/u]
Any member of Status Quo may be expelled with either a 75%+1 vote from the government or approval from the Prophecy. Punishment will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

[u]Article 6. Alliance Merging and Disbandment[/u]
Status Quo can only disband or Merge with another alliance with a 75%+1 member vote and 3/4 of the High government approval.

[u]Article 7. Vote of GTFO[/u]
At any time any member can request a Vote of GTFO on a member of Status Quo government. In order for a Vote of No Confidence to pass it will require a 75%+1 vote from the members of Status Quo.

[u]Article 8. Why My Fish Has Two Legs[/u]

Members of Status Quo will not perform first strike nuclear weapons upon any nations and/or alliance. However, if Status Quo or any affiliated nation is attacked with nuclear weapons, all members are free to retaliate with such weapons with government approval.

[u]Article 9. Amendments to the Charter[/u]
In order for the Charter to be changed in anyway it will require 3/4 high government approval and a 75%+1 vote from the government of Status Quo. Any member of Status Quo, government or not, may request a change in the charter. [/quote]

Hm... Well, as most other alliances, this will be our, [s]1st[/s] [s]2nd[/s] [s]3rd[/s] [s]4th???[/s] [u]5th:[/u] [b]Profit![/b] time moving forums. Our last ones decided to make the forums the Ad-a-verse, so we got rid of them. Now we have new ones located at...


[size="4"]^[/size] [color="#FF0000"]BANG![/color] Right there, that clicky... Thingamajingy. [size="4"]^[/size]

If you've made it this far, congratz! You're one of the few who have a longer than the status quo attention span. As promised, here's yer caek!


Don't forget to join us in #StatusQuo on Coldfront!


[i][b]The Prophecy;[/b][/i]

Bill95, Nobleman of War
Lord Optiplex, Nobleman of Internal Affairs
Vacant, NoFA[/center]

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[quote name='ALT3RNAT1V3' timestamp='1310606984' post='2755761']
Your attempt at comedy is well :gag: and slightly :huh: with a bit of :wacko:

Your attempt at a witty remark is well :gag: and slightly :huh: with a bit of :wacko:

But that is okay, some of us are just better than others. :smug:

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Wasn't expecting to see this up today. But everything looks good. We couldn't have been here if it wasn't for our friends, so thank you!

Onwards to 1M NS. :)

[quote name='Jgoods45' timestamp='1310611941' post='2755804']
You are getting too big.

This is unacceptable for OO 2.0

You shall see us soon.
Love ya! :wub:

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[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1310616051' post='2755864']
But they have 2 WRCs, Zeke as Leader and ~aWeSoMe CaEk~. What could possibly go wrong?

That's more than GGA!

This whole thing will, ideally, be studied in the future as how to be as unfunny as possible.

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