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An endless sea

Kevin Kingswell

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They had been lucky so very lucky. Managing to escape what was Missouri to the nearest coast before leaving America behind in their vessels. Fifty thousand people of all ages now "lived" onboard the ships of this colony survivng on a diet of mostly fish and vegetables.

"What did I do wrong?" asked Katarina looking out across the port side of the massive cargo vessel, she now called home. Shaking his head the man across from her answered. "You did nothing wrong my lady. Clearly someone wanted that land more than we did. If anyone was to be blamed it should ourselves."

"No!!!" shouted Katarina loudly drawing curious looks from those that still supported her and anger from those that didn't. The old man looked up at her and sadly shook his head again "It is not your fault my lady.... at least not all of it" he said with a short laugh. Katarina couldn't help yourself by laughing as well though it died off quickly.

Before the two could say anything more a young man wearing a suit that hadn't been washed for some time turned up. He handed her some documents and watched as Katarina crasped they in her hands before wearily passing them back to the young man. "Inform the captain and the convoy to head south. Maybe we will find someone that will help us" Katarina turning to look out to sea.

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"New reports?"

"Uh yes my lady. They show that an illegal black market has established itself in the Dawn Carrier, we await your permission to stop them." said John the young man from before. She had only recently learned his name and it seemed he had to drawn the short and was now her persoanl assistant.

Laughing at his remark, Katarina shook her head sadly before replying. "Oh John you should know by now I can not do that. Almost all of the services have disbanded themselves and gone back to their families and those that stay with me, do so only out of respect for myself as a person. No it will be upto the people if they do or dont use this "market"."

"Now what about the convoy's supplies?"

"Most of our fresh fruit and vegetables are gone and that means we will need to find somewhere close to purchase more. As for meat products we have plenty of fish but hardly anything else and its even worse for our dairy supplies. We are mostly down to last few items however, a few ships have none" answered John.

"And what about my people?" asked Katarina quietly knowing how bad that report will be.

John sighed before replying. "Twelve citizens have died, eight of them elderly and the other four children", a short pause lasted before John continued. "Many people are in a sub standard state whilst some are quite good health others are not expected to last too many more nights."

"I must find somewhere to claim as a place of our own. Somewhere where we can rebuild that which we lost. I must do that quickly before none of us are left" spoke Katarina as she looked out at the sea one more time before sending John away and retiring to her cabin.

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Almost falling to the floor John leapt over a young couple, them yelling angerly after him, before continuing straight towards Katarina's cabin. Knocking furiousally on her down he waited for answer. In a few seconds Katarina opened her door and looked puzzled at John's state. Before she could say a word he spoke. "It's her she's going mad again."

Her expression turning to shock and a hint of sadness Katarina sat down onto her bed. "I expect they want to me to head over and see her?" she asked. "I'm afraid so my lady. They are worried that she could harm herself if she continues the way she is currently acting" replied John.

"Huh they lie. They are worried that she might break free and harm them. I almost wish she would just to see their faces" said Katarina, holding up one hand to stop his reply. Reaching over her bed she pulled out a small box before opening it and removing a photo.
"Very well then lets go see my daughter."

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