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Looking to join a new alliance

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The kind of alliance I’d like to be a part of is . . .
Small,[/b]- around 50 members, maybe even less.

[b]Peaceful,[/b] - Not running around declaring a new war every week. Don’t get me wrong I’ll fight when I have to and of course if we were attacked, but I’ve been in some alliances that were a little too aggressive for their own good.

[b]Laid Back,[/b] - I’d like to be part of a group with a good sense of humor and everyone seems to get along well and it’d be great if there were no annoying requirements for joining such as changing my team color, taking a membership test, or swearing my undying allegiance to whoever’s in charge.
yet Stable,[/b] – I’ve also been in alliances that were a little too laid back. I’m here now because my last one collapsed. Whatever alliance I join I’d like to feel confident it will be around for a long time and I won’t be posting back here again in a few months.

[b]and finally democratically run [/b]– every member has a say and everyone is important.

So if this sounds like your alliance I’d love to hear about it. Either post here or pm me in the game, Thanks.

P.S You may also want to know what I have to offer.

You can expect me to be an active member and contributor

I have a little experience in alliance government I was once a Secretary of recruitment (although to be honest I never liked that job) and a minister of Foreign affairs (and still being honest I resigned after a month and half, real life just got too busy) .

And finally as my user name implies I am Awesome.

For further info here’s a link to my nation.


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Consider joining Through Yggdrasil's Roots! :)

We are a small alliance at the moment with intentiob to grow to become a medium-sized alliance. We are a peaceful alliance who picks our allies carefully and our treaties are also written carefully. We are not fans of entering stupid wars, and so we will not. TYR's democratic system has been very successful within our alliance for the past years. All our members have a say. :) We are also a laid back alliance with a lot of inside jokes that hopefully you will enjoy and help contribute. TYR is also serious when we have to be - we have reliable programs to help member nations grow if they need it, and we are not a 'lulz' alliance.

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Happy to meet you.

I would like to tell you a bit about Pax Corvus.

We are a peaceful alliance that makes our home on black. We do not require anyone, however, to change their colors. Getting new trades is a pain. We are less than a year old and hover, right now, at about 50 members and 2million NS.

We have no test to join nor do we have a cadet alliance. You agree to our values and we accept you as a full member. We are structured loosely as a clan. Our core values are integrity above all, neutrality, community and equality. Everyone has a say.

We can be found at forum.paxcorvus.com or on coldfront on #Pax.

Come for the coffee, stay because it's home.

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[quote name='EdenGardens' timestamp='1310576314' post='2755492']
LOL ive already sent a message to you....Thousand Suns are the perfect place for you...as we will be around for a long time 1000 of years infact
Well not literally 1000 years the internet would be extinct by then.

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