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Procinctia’s Unstopable March


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Once the wheels of fate are put into motion they cannot be stopped, the outright collapse of Procinctia itself, could not stop Generalissimo's final directive to his military. To this day a unit of Procinctia's military hardliners struggle to fight an ongoing battle to complete Generalissimo's last order. The entirety of Procinctia's armed forces continue to battle, carrying out an armed campaign unprecedented in military history, and today these stalwart soldiers continue to carry out their assignment, Procinctia's sword is unyielding.

At this very moment Procinctian forces still march. . .

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Procinctia’s entire military is still on the move - from August, 17, 2009 - an unstoppable vigil without end or reason.

In cooperation with the former Republic of Finland Procinctia’s entire armed forces had been deployed to Finland for more than a year on paid vacation, the objectives of this mobilization were fun and/or relaxation, through the collapse and reformation then re-collapse of that regime. Even without their host the mission did not, could not, end. . .

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Like all years in recent memory the mission continued, their objective always forefront, but the year’s cruise spread throughout several luxury liners was rapidly coming to an end. . . but the military’s armed vacation, however, had to continue.

Edy Nelson, commander of Procinctia’s Armed Forces armed vacation, founder of Generalissimo’s “elite” Edy detachment, and highest (active) ranking military official (slightly) affiliated with Procinctia weighed her options. . .
Maybe a new destination was in order?
Where could an entire army take a vacation?

Edy wasn’t particularly worried about - she was clearly the heroine so everything would work in the end. . . somehow?

Just in case she had Lynn purchase a few newspaper advertisements. . .

Edy Nelson, commander of Procinctia’s Armed Forces remnant, obviously the main character - right?
Why else wouldn't we hear about her for two years?[/center]

Edited by Generalissimo
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