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Future Great Nations Visit Here (3 Million Aid)

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Hello, My name is King Antonio Hart and I'm looking for members to help fill out these positions for the T-ZERO Federal Alliance. I have also included that if you complete Boot Camp ([i]Once it is finished[/i]) then you can recieve your 3 million in start-up aid. I am currently on the webpage working on things to get it started. If you plan on becoming part of our alliance then you need to register. I am looking for...
Good Sense of Humor
...people to help start this alliance. Thank You for clicking this topic.

I have edited the jobs and redone my ideals. Instead, I have borrowed Ideas from the Official Charter of the Conclave to create my Charter. The Jobs have been re-edited also. Please view as follows,

Vice Ruler
(3 members)
House of Representatives
(2 members for every 5 nations)
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Foreign Relations
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of War

That is all the jobs available for the alliance right now. Thanks to Star Gazing, MaGneTand Asian Leader I have redited my webpage and It's ideas. I am working on other forums but you can see the Charter if you want to...

Go to http://www.t-zerofederalalliance-cn.webs.com

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[quote name='King Antonio Hart' timestamp='1310590237' post='2755609']
Well it is how our United States Federal Government is run. I like them, thier not that invasive. You earn money/ or you can just be in it for protection.

Slight difference between them, and here. Want to be like them? Have a membership of over 311 million.

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You might want to join a successful alliance and serve in their government for a few terms before you try this. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but just based on the OP, I'm pretty sure your effort is doomed to fail. Sorry buddy.

I may as well go a step further and be shameless. Consider joining DT. We're pretty cool and we don't have a Secretary of the Level 9 Airforce.

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Hi mate there is a support forum for people like yourself trying to start new alliances Called the CN ThinkTank

Highly suggest you take a week out (if not more) and check it out before you go any further
IRC - #think-tank

You will find other people there interested in starting new alliances, guides, advice, and space to advertise your idea so you can get it to a higher level of development before you come here to the OWF to tell the world about it.

Your enthusiasm is great but I can see you could do with some help so I hope you take my advice.

Good luck!


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