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[i]"Greetings Livonian public,

Today I come to you with a heavy heart, and say that the government must default on every asset. our taxes can not go any higher, our interstate more of a failure, and the people in protest. As of today, the Livonian Government hereby activates Article Soviet, and dissolves the Livonian Parliament.

As a result of this action, in the Article Soviet we hereby proclaim the land of Livonia under German rule.

We thank all those who have helped us as we have grown and became a world power,

Goodbye." [/i]
- President

OOC: Time to give up, never have enough time for this anymore. Land's KM's. Later guys!

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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1310518530' post='2755194']
OOC: Aww. At least drop by in IRC for cookies!


Germanic Union Authorities accept this with a mixture of sadness and joy, as status-quo-independence returns to the Far East.

OOC: I c wut u did thar. :v:

IC: Feel no remorse, great Germany. We merely are out of options and wish to rejoin our protector.

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