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A MAP for African Unity


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A summit was called, to be hosted in Accra, Wagadou, to bring together the [i]African[/i] nations. The attached message was sent to the following nations, inviting them to send delegates, or their respective heads of state and foreign affair officials to Accra.

The People's Republic of Africa
The Commonwealth of Africa
The West African Republic
Grassy Plains


Esteemed Leaders of Africa,

For too long has Africa been fragmented, and not unified. The old African unity treaties have fallen into disarray, and their supposed lasting effect on the continent, once the safest, and most stable within the entire world, have ended. The time is ripe for true African nations to come together, and bind themselves into a coherent and stalwart defense, one that can protect Africa, now, and for future generations.

It is with this in mind, that I, Kwame Nkrumah of Wagadou, would like to invite you, and any delegates you wish to attend, to Accra, the capital city of Wagadou, to discuss a joint-effort to revitalize the African continent, and bring it back to its proper glory.

- Kwame Nkrumah, Wagadou

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[quote]I will be sure to be coming to the meeting. I will be bringing a staff of four other diplomats, two aids, and my cook, Rawaja Mhanta.


Abdul-Haqq Ibn Waffles
Head of PRA Parliament[/quote]

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It was the general opinion in Arctica that the Union would not enter into any Pan-African defensive pact because the political situation in the continent was no longer as harmonious as it had been in 2008. And the inclusion of MogCorp to the proceedings led to the Foreign Ministry to send a letter of protest to Wagadou. MogCorp was not recognized as a sovereign state nor a legitimate governing entity by Arctica, and a number of its divisions had been banned from Arctica due to unethical business practices.

Given this, the Union of Arctica declined to send any representatives. "We will not be a part of any organization that recognizes MogCorp as a sovereign state or that grants MogCorp such status within the organization. We would also object to signing any formal agreements with the management of this corporation, as it conducts itself in a manner not conforming to our laws, and its respect of human rights is questionable, if not criminal.

Regardless of MogCorp participation in these talks, we feel that the current political climate of Africa precludes the Union from entering into a continent-wide pact."

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[i]Rabbi of Foreign Affairs, Yachna Zingel views the invitation and begins to write a reply[/i]

[quote][font="Courier New"]TO: Kwame Nkrumah, Wagadou
FROM: [b]Sanhedrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs[/b]
Subj: Attendance

We will be sending 8 diplomats and the Rabbi of Foreign affairs to attend the diplomatic summit.[/font][/quote]

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[i][quote]As the reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, I, Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo shall appoint Deaconess Livia Toth as my mouth at these proceedings. I afford her words the power behind my office.[/quote]

[b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon[/i]

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Masami Midori danced around the meeting room listening to her [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4_6V8w-Agc"]mPod[/url] while waiting for everyone else to arrive.
OOC: everyone messaged has replied, we can do arrivals if you'd like bio, I can just edit this.

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