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An Undead Revolution

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[center][size="7"][b]Through Yggdrasil's Roots[/b][/size]


[size="6"]At a Glance[/size]

[b]Welcoming and fun environment with some spice[/b]
TYR is a close-knit alliance that maintains a welcoming and fun environment for all our member nations and friends. As a member of TYR, if there is something that you need, all you have to do is ask! This includes, but not limited to monetary assistance, trade circle arrangements, technology deals, military assistance, general and specific advice regarding the development your nation, and hugs!

Now about that "spice." Member nations of TYR searched far and wide to add some spice to our environment because we felt that... we were being too nice. We discovered plenty of spices. Interested in experiencing what we discovered?

[b]Choice to experience every play aspect[/b]
We understand that there is more than one way to play and enjoy the game. As a member nation of TYR, the choice is yours. Be it role-playing, developing your nation and watching it grow, participating in Viking raids, getting involved with TYR politics and internal projects, or just socializing! All of that, you may do so in peace (well, sort of... I will warn you that the government of TYR likes to keep in touch with our member nations through announcements and personal follow ups).

However, all we require of you as a member nation of TYR is this: wherever you go, you represent us. [b]Be respectful[/b].

[b]Resources available to help you[/b]
We have guides and do individual audits to help your nation grow peacefully. We also have a trade circle program to help your nation find stable trades, and while we do not have a technology deal program yet, we will provide you assistance with finding the nations that you need in order to start business with them. However, feel free to follow others' advice and make your own choices, to grow in different ways.

[b]Culture with depths[/b]
And you, as a member nation or friend of TYR, can add to it!


- we are navigating through mysterious paths to find the remaining eight worlds of TYR
- we have no Master of the Hugglepervprod
- all our member nations except CreativName of Corticos are the best pole dancers in the alliance
- we are moving through our poking revolution

[b]A growing democratic government[/b]
TYR has one of the most successful democratic systems, and it has the chance to grow with your contributions as a member nation of our alliance! As a member nation of TYR, you have a say in anything that happens within the alliance. TYR has two elected governing body - the Council and the Senate. Elections for the Council is every four months, and Senate, three months. Our Senate also grows when the alliance grows in order to represent our member nations well. Member nations have about two weeks before the government elections to make nominations, and then nominees can make a fair platform to say why they think they are the right people for the job. Everyone in TYR is in the Thingvellir (non-elected ruling body of the alliance) and gets to vote. Elections are monitored and hosted by the Interior Council.

[b]Council I of TYR[/b]
Interior Councilor: Altantsetseg XXXVII of Star Gazing
Diplomacy Councilor: GOWFANATIC of COG Rebellion
War Council: iKrolm of Selenarctos
Best Pole Dancer: Everyone except CreativName of Corticos

[b]TYR's Wiki[/b]
Visit [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Black_TYR]Black TYR[/url]!

[b]TYR @ Coldfront[/b]
Come [url=http://wbe02.mibbit.com/?settings=20a519ec1e4dc15ac5c917760682c929&server=irc.coldfront.net&channel=%23tyr]chat[/url] with us!

[b]Interested in joining? Or becoming a friend of TYR?[/b]
Register on [url=http://www.digitizedink.com/tyr/]our forums[/url] and head over to admissions!

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