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A CCC announcement

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I am pleased to announce the results of our summer elections in the Christian Coalition of Countries.

[b]Chancellor:[/b] Shergzus
[b]Vice Chancellor:[/b] Keystroke
[b]Minister of Internal Affairs:[/b] Charmander
[b]Minister of Defense:[/b] Taishaku
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs:[/b] Wes the Wise

[b]The following Chancellors Emeriti are also at your service:[/b]
Jelly Doughnut
Les Paul Supreme

Please feel free to stop by our [url="http://s7.zetaboards.com/CCC_Forum/index/"]CCC Forums[/url] for religious and political debate, games, competitions, or just to say hi. ;) Or visit our IRC Channel @ #cn-ccc. May the blessings of our Lord be with you all, forever. Amen.

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Another stellar lineup.
God bless the CCC.

gets out her favorite game for boosting activity...

Time to guess this one: "US HE CRICK OWED"

(It's not what you say....it's what you hear....)

Termy....this one's for you. :P

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