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Best trade set for an anti-tax nut :/

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OMG... I have a trainee who, so far, refuses to set his tax rate above 15%. Of course I'm trying to talk some sense into him, but if I'm unsuccessful... Fortunately, he has marble/cattle, so he could have either a classic 3BR or a nice, population-heavy 5BR with fish, sugar or pigs, and his own cattle. Which would be better?

Yes, I could figure it out myself, but discussing it might be fun. :)

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It's the same as with high taxes, just that income boosts are half as effective. So yeah, 3BR, 5BR pop.

Bill reduction won't matter as he'll never grow to a stage where he has to worry about bills or nukes :ph34r:

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[quote name='Emphix' timestamp='1310386686' post='2754358']
I used to know someone that was vehemently anti labor camps :P


Hey, I've never had labor camps, and I'm not doing too badly. You can still make enough to buy a wonder every month. :)

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