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Ontario Incident


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OOC: Pre-planned with Pravus Ingruo. Consider the other post to be wiped in favor of this thread. IC:


On the advice of the High Command and Minister of War, President Californian authorized Operation MAPLESYRUP to be undetaken immediately. Upon receiving confirmation of the authorization of the President, the armed forces and Ministry of War leaped into action. Their goal: secure the former lands of Ontario and Harrowshire.

The Northern Command was given the lead role in this operation. Over 50,000 men would be transported to the former lands of Ontario, tasked with immediately securing the Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Cochrane, and Algorna districts. These districts were large and sparsely populated, allowing the divisions of men to quickly secure the major towns and cities in each of the regions.

Additionally, a small task force of 1,000 men were to be lifted to former Harrowshire, also known as Akimiski Island. The population was sparse there and the conditions there were noticeably worse than those in Ontario. The men would provide policing services, bring back local law and order, and ensure that basic utilities remained online in the region.

Ten squadrons of fighter jets would be sent in as support for Operation MAPLESYRUP to deal with any terrorist group or anarchists that became violent. They would be circling in the sky, waiting for orders from the High Command in Greenland as well as the soldier teams on the ground. They would also be used to escort what would be a steady stream of large cargo aircraft that would be landing in Ontario to distribute aid to the local populations. Airports, which were a priority for the vanguard and Northern Command units to secure, would be cordoned off so that aid could land, and where there were no airports it would be airdropped to the local towns and villages. The National Space Reconnaissance Command diverted a large percentage of Greenlandic intelligence assets in orbit to have continuous life-feed monitoring of the situation.

When reports were confirmed that the Greenlandic men were outside of the bounds of the current C.A.N. protectorate and were approaching Ontario, the following broadcast was made.

Greenland has not received transmissions from the former nations of Ontario and Harrowshire for over four months and intelligence confirms our belief that they have fallen into disarray and anarchy over that time period. At this moment Greenlandic peacekeepers are being sent into those regions to restore services to these people, which desperately require them.

We understand that these areas were formerly under the Harland Haiku and we wish to meet with Pravus Ingruo to determine the best course of action for these people and North America. We invite a delegation from Pravus Ingruo to either our capital or a neutral third nation to discuss the former lands of Ontario.

[i]Kristjan Vilhjálmsson
Greenland Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i][/quote]

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Emperor Thomas Atkinson-Asgeirsson looked over the note in his hand. With the crisis to the south and Cuba now resolved, his attentions would turn to the north. Making a few phone calls, he sent Professor Henry Solo and a team of diplomats north to the Greenland capital. A fresh voice would be needed to harbor in a fresh future, and Solo could provide that voice. The Professor knew what the Emperor wanted... it was now just a matter of getting it.

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The diplomats would arrive at the conference hall in the capital city of Höfuðborgarsvæðinukrokurfjordur, where Foreign Affairs Minister Kristjan Vilhjálmsson was waiting along with some senior diplomats from the ministry's Bureau of the Americas. The Pravus Ingruo diplomats would notice their visit was unannounced and unmentioned in Greenland news, due in large part to the populace's largely indifferent to negative opinion of the country they were representing. Once everyone had been seated, the meeting began.

"I thank like to thank you for coming here on such short notice. This meeting has been called to avoid another post-Commonwealth of Canada collapse incident, where I'm sure tensions ran as high on the Pravus Ingruo side as they did in Greenland.

Here's the current situation. Communications has been lost with Ontario, along with Harrowshire, and their governments appear to have completely collapsed, which seems to happen on this planet at a startlingly high frequency. Greenlandic military assets have already been dispatched and at this point will already have begun securing northern Ontario.

It should be noted that communication had been lost with these nations for weeks previously, and with no movement from Pravus Ingruo we assume you have either forgotten about Ontario or do not wish to stabilize the area, both of wish are options we find discomforting. However, we have given Pravus Ingruo the benefit of the doubt and invited you here to resolve this issue without starting another conflict in North America.

I can quite confidently say Greenland has no intention of removing our men from Ontario, however if you have a suitable compromise, especially one that can alleviate tension beyond this incident, I am willing to listen in the hopes that we can maintain at least a semblance of civility between our nations. We have no need to constantly create hostilities between our nations."

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Professor Solo leaned back in the his chair. He was sitting in a city with a nigh unpronounceable name, across from a foreign affairs minister with an almost equally unpronounceable name. And here was a nation with their treaty bloc, relatively new, at least to the Empire, who was seeking to throw their weight around in Canada. The Professor knew what course of action Thomas would take if he was here. The Professor chose a different route.

"Minister Vilhjálmsson, the fact that a lack of an Imperial response disturbs you is not a by product of a error in judgement by the Empire. Rather, it comes from a lack of understanding on your behalf regarding the way an Imperial Protectorate is run and handled. The Empire very much believes in self-sovereignty. And we have simply no interest of seeing our armies flung hither and yon across our great continent pacifying every minor brushfire that pops up when, as you so astutely put it, nations collapse as they happen to with alarming rate. So with Imperial Protectorates, the people of that protectorate govern themselves. Obviously some Imperial oversight is required, at least at first, along with Imperial protection. But in Ontario, things simply seemed... how shall I put this? Normal. When the central government fell, the people took over. They were providing their own security, their own government. We were there if they needed anything, but they never called, so we did not do anything. We figured we would let the people sort out their own futures." Solo leaned forward towards the table at the conclusion of his statement, pulling a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and beginning to clean his glasses with them.

"You are indeed correct that tensions ran very high in the Empire during our little public war of diplomats. And I'll explain to you why. When the Republic of York was founded, North America was a continent in chaos. Tahoe was destroyed, reborn, destroyed again, Viniland fell, whatever number incarnation of the United States was failing again but too blind to realize it. And the Republic of York was content to sit in our little corner of the northeast and maintain our stability. And then Atlantis fell. And everything became... clear." The Professor finished cleaning his glasses, looked through them for a moment, and then put them back on the emphasize his point.

"With Florida, the traditional lands of the old Federation of Pravus Ingruo, back in Ingruian hands, we heard the cries of our brothers to the south, cries for freedom, for a better life. And so we expanded. We expanded down the east coast, liberating our brothers and uniting our land. And as many other nations rose and fell around us, we did our best to our part of the continent stable. We did our part to keep everything around us from falling into anarchy and disarray. The Harland Haiku and the Dobbs Doctrine are our guiding principles. And with them, we have kept stability on this continent, from one coast to another. And now, another nation comes in, a younger nation. One that does not have our history, our way of life, that claims they are more connected to a land simply by region, where our people are connected by blood. How did you want us to react? With a fruit cake?" Solo chuckled as he leaned back again.

"So you see, it was, and still is, our belief that Ontario and Harrowshire never needed to be secured. They never needed to be "pacified", as it were. They were already quite peaceful. In the Empire, your moves were and are seen as unnecessary and heavy handed, which is saying something with our Emperor." Another chuckle followed from the Professor before he cut off his own laughter with a snap of his fingers. One of the other diplomats, who remained silent, brought up a briefcase. Solo opened it and spun it around so it faced Vilhjálmsson. A computer screen showing a demarcation line through Ontario was shown.

"This, Minister, is our proposal. Greenlandic forces are allowed to stay in Ontario, provided they move no further south than the 49th Parallel. South of there, Ontario will be under an Imperial Protectorate... which basically means nothing will change at the current time."

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Vilhjálmsson sat stunned as the man across from him at the table began to speak. Previous interaction with Pravus Ingruo had built an image of a quick-tempered, unapologetic nation with equally fiery leaders and diplomats. But here Professor Solo was speaking, providing the most respectful and diplomatic discourse Vilhjálmsson had ever heard from the kingmaker state of North America. It was a nice change to be sure, but he was going to see how long this new face remained as the men got to the heart of negotiations.

As Solo began talking about Pravus Ingruo's commitment to stability and peace on the continent, Kristjan couldn't help but mentally roll his eyes. Surely that was just a propaganda line with the recent events that had been unfolding in North America, and how Pravus Ingruo has been embroiled in the middle of all of them. He held his tongue, allowing the man to finish speaking. As Solo turned the screen toward him, Vilhjálmsson felt relieved. They were willing to negotiate, making the possibility of war remote as long as a deal could be reached. The President, and rest of the nation, would be glad to hear that another needless war could be prevented with Pravus Ingruo.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs motioned for one of his aides who was sitting next to him and whispered in his ear, giving the aide ample time to analyze Solo's offer as Kristjan talked to the professor.

"Doctor Solo, I get a sense that much of the tension in this room and our recent standoff has been a result of Pravus Ingruo apprehension towards Greenland. We seem to be coddled like a child that has no right to speak or stand because we are younger than your nation. Indeed we are not as old as your nation, however I daresay we have the same desire and ability to promote stability and peace on the North American continent. Our nations are equals, and although you may find it hard to believe we do hold Pravus Ingruo in high regards and with a large deal of respect. We are not oblivious to the past and note your presence in North America has by and large been positive to the continent as a whole. Whether this respect is reciprocated I do not know, however I assure you that Greenland has the people's best interests in mind and we have the backing of the Confederation of Arctic Nations, an organization that existed before the most recent Pravus Ingruo did.

Although we note your nation's positive contributions, we can't help but be alarmed but recent history in North America. From Greenland's perspective, Pravus Ingruo created an organization that seems to have self-destructed and almost start another war on the continent. Supposed "allies" were escalating the situation to a point where war was almost inevitable. Then Pravus Ingruo almost brought war to our doorsteps, brought on by what appeared to be a simple cartography error. Do you see the disconnect here, Professor Solo, between a nation that says it promotes peace on this continent while its recent actions seem to indicate otherwise, at least to Greenland and our people?" Vilhjálmsson took the pitcher of water and poured some into his cup, taking a small sip before continuing.

"That being said, it's refreshing to finally get some dialogue about the intent and actions of Pravus Ingruo from you. You seem to be aware that your nation can sometimes be ... difficult... to work with, particularly on the world stage." He chuckled before the aide stopped typing on her computer and whispered into the minister's ear. He had already known what to counteroffer, but he had wanted the opportunity to talk with Solo before getting to the nitty gritty.

"In regards to your proposal, as I'm sure you're well aware, northern Ontario is sparsely populated, with most of the inhabitants concentrated near the Great Lakes and border with Pravus Ingruo. Many important administrative towns are lower than the 49th parallel, hence why I instead propose the line be drawn at the 45th parallel. This still provides you with the main population centers, including Toronto, as well as creating a "buffer" so to speak between your borders and the C.A.N. administered portion of the province."

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After Professor Solo had finished speaking, Vilhjálmsson started to reply, noticeably enthused as he was unable to contain the small smile that now adorned his face.

"Doctor Solo, I believe that arrangement is more than satisfactory for Greenland. North of the 47th parallel will become a Greenland protectorate, and south will become a Pravus Ingruo protectorate. I'm glad we were able to prevent a conflict here, and it's my sincerest hope that one day Greenland and Pravus Ingruo can move past this adversarial relationship of sorts. We are open to relations if you ever wish to do the same, Doctor Solo."

With that, Vilhjálmsson would stand to shake the man's hand as the meeting concluded. Both men would go their own ways, their respective governments informed of the agreement that had been reached.

OOC: Already planned on IRC with SMH, but this is quite possible the slowest negotiations thread ever made so we've decided to just conclude it and move on.

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