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Bonspiel Classic I


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[b]Egedesminde, GREENLAND [/b] Today the World Curling Federation has announced the first international curling tournament to be held later this year. Named the [i]Bonspiel Classic[/i], the tournament will be held in the newly constructed Triumph Arena in the major Greenlandic city and provincial capital of Holsteinborg. The World Curling Federation is itself fairly new, having been formed in the past two years to promote the sport of curling around the world. Formerly the Greenlandic Curling Association had been the premier organization for curling, however with its popularity rising around the world the separate World Curling Federation was formed to oversee competitions at the national stage.

[i]Triumph Arena, currently the largest arena in the world purpose built for curling.[/i]

Applications are now open for national teams qualified to represent their countries. All accommodations once in Holsteinsborg have been arranged for participating teams. The first ever international bonspiel is now underway and we are excited to see the entertainment and sportsmanship that teams from around the globe will provide.

Team Name:


Style [Aggressive, Normal, Defensive...eh?]:[/quote]

NOTE: Each team is allowed to choose a team name if desired. This is optional and will only be used informally. Formal team names are always either the nation name and Team [Last Name of Skip]. For example, if Kevin Martin was Greenland's skip the formal team name would be Greenland as well as Team Martin.

Each team is required to list the five members of its team. The skip is the captain of the team and the vice resolves disputes with the vice of the opposing team. The leads flip a coin for possession of the initial hammer. Only four players play in a game, and the alternate plays if a teammate is injured. MIXED teams are allowed, meaning females and males are both able to play on national teams.

[u]International Rules[/u]

Each game is composed of ten ends, with additional ends as needed. Each team is allowed 73 minutes to complete its throws, as well as two 60 second timeouts. An additional 10 minutes and one 60 second timeout is granted per additional end.

The purpose of the game is to obtain a higher score than your opponent. Eight rocks are thrown by each side during each end, two by each of the players (Lead, Second, Vice, and Skip, in that order). The alternate does not play unless one of the other team members becomes injured during play. When one player is throwing the stone, two others are sweeping with brooms, which increases the rock's distance and makes it's path straighter. During each end when all stones have been played, the team with a rock closest to the center of the target on the other side of the curling sheet is awarded a point. Each rock for that team that is closest gives that team an additional point. For example, if three red stones are nearest to the center ("button"), then a yellow stone, and then another red stone, the red team would be awarded three points for that end.

A coin toss at the beginning of the game determines which team has the hammer, i.e. which team will throw the last stone. After each end the hammer is given to the team that did not score any points. If no points were awarded during an end, the hammer remains with the same team from the previous end.

The tournament will follow standard international play. Assuming ten nations participate, the teams will play round robin against the other teams in their division. After this the four nations with the highest win percentage advance to the next round. The team ranked 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3 in the seminfinals. The gold and bronze medal games are then played accordingly.


Rules and gameplay can be found here if you're interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curling
Do not use real names for players!

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Nation: Marscurian Siberia
Team Name: Ice Bears

Lead: Boris Simarov
Second: Nikolai Vasserman
Vice: Moshe Nimbolung
Skip: Sasha Yurivich
Alternate: Iosif Naksimonivsky

Style: Normal

OOC: So how is the competition going to actually work out? I don't think there are too many curling games for the X Box.

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Nation: Federal Republic of Greenland
Flag: [url="http://i.imgur.com/CRC0n.png"]Greenland Flag[/url]
Team Name: Greenland Noble Bears

Lead: Tiffany Christensen
Second: Harald Walker
Vice: Jakob Donaldson
Skip: Taylor Miller
Alternate: Bjorn Franklin

Style: Aggressive

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Nation: Germanic Union
Flag: [img]http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii29/voxpopuli_album/germanskfrbund.png[/img]
Team Name: More Ale!

Lead: Crazy König
Second: Stefan Staund
Vice: Olov Ölman
Skip: Drunken Detlev
Alternate: Was passed out, but his friends said his name was "Mörs"

Style: eh?

As a bunch of random Germanian Misfits heard of this obscure sport from a Greenlandic Tourist, they decided after having had too much beer, to stand up, leave the bar, and go straight to sign up. Incredibly, their entries have been accepted, and they have made the Germanian Newspaper front pages. Reportedly the team has yet to even learn the rules of the game, but they are very enthusiastic that they will be able to "Kick the !@#$ outta them", having mistaken this sport for some odd means of fighting.

They are now practicing using a disarmed landmine and rifles instead of the normal equipment, excepting for Ölman as he was feeling hungover from the last night's party.

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Nation: Holy Empire of Ursalia
Flag: [img]http://i.imgur.com/FbqSq.png[/img]
Team Name: The Bears

Lead: Tyler Moeller
Second: John Harland
Vice: Yawoo Wilkins
Skip: Rolfe Martens
Alternate: John Triyun

Style: Aggressive

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[quote]Nation: Republic of Texas
Flag: [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Bonnieblue.svg/200px-Bonnieblue.svg.png[/img]
Team Name: Where Bear? There Bear.

Lead: Frank Sinatra
Second: Dean Martin
Vice: Sammy Davis, Jr.
Skip: Peter Lawford
Alternate: Humphrey Bogart

Style [eh?][/quote]

OOC: Yawoo Wilkins? I trust this man already.

but I trust Yawoo Wilkins, Jr., Esquire so much more!

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Nation: New Republic of Ireland
Flag: [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Flag_President_of_Ireland.svg/500px-Flag_President_of_Ireland.svg.png[/img]
Team Name: an Ursa (rough translation of 'the bear')

Lead: Gun de la Sar
Second: Vektor Zero
Vice: Zeke Quiel
Skip: Yawoo Wilkins, Jr., Esquire
Alternate: Tarah Sintagyl

Style [Aggressive, Normal, Defensive...eh?]:eh

Equipment Manager: Reanimated Corpse of LeVentNoir, who keeps trying to adding lasers to the brooms
Coached by the Reanimated Corpse of Kaiser Martens after he was hit with that nuke in the chest. The nuke's still there.
Managed by [size="2"]Generalissimo[/size],[size="3"] Generalissimo[/size] [size="4"]of [/size][size="5"]CURLING!

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