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A Brief Announcement from Symphony

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[size="3"]A few new developments have been in the works at Symphony for quite some time, and we would like to take this opportunity to formally announce three developments of note.

First, the governments of Symphony and the League of Enlisted Gentlemen have decided to merge. Symphony was founded on the principles of fraternity and community. It is not often that one finds good friends, and less common still for friends to become family. Today, Symphony and the League of Enlisted Gentlemen become not only family, but brothers at arms. We will be maintaining the Symphony alliance affiliation, and The League of Enlisted Gentlemen AA will be protected by Symphony for a period of two weeks.

Second, in accordance with Article 5, Section III, Symphony hereby announces, effective immediately, our official withdrawal from the Second United Jungle Accords. Prior notification of Symphony's withdrawal from this economic pact was given in private. We wish the remaining UJA signatories the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Third, after much internal discussion, Symphony has decided to relocate to the black sphere. We look forward to working with our current allies and friends during the process of transferring our membership to the black sphere, and we are hopeful about our prospects for the future.

Thank you for your time, and Long Live Symphony![/size][/quote]

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Cant say I've heard of LEG, but congrats none the less. Judging by your allies I would say the black team was a good choice, believe it or not, the alliances there generally like each other and work together to an extent :o It's gonna be a new experience for sure

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