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The Feuersturm Empire Celebrates Five Years


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Prepare for a Wall of Text! Posted a few days early, as I won’t be on the forums on the day of occurrence.

This is just a summary of my five years of CN.


[i]tl;dr: Its been 5 years, many of you might have seen me lurking over the years, yadda yadda, shout-outs below[/i]


[b][u]The Feuersturm Empire: Five Years Going[/u][/b]

I’ve reached a point that only 292 other nations on Planet Bob can say they have, and that would be that coveted (or feared) 5 year mark. In fact, only 23 other Pacificans can say they’ve been in the New Pacific Order longer than myself. Looking back on the 5 years, I’m surprised I’ve made it this far.
Over the years, my nation has experienced growth and war, friendship and betrayal.

My first conflict was that against a leader who used ‘multis’ against me, as I would later find out (and report) after he bragged. Sadly, this meant no reparations and stunted my growth for a bit. After fending off rogue after rogue, I grew sick of the game. These ‘Tech raids’ made the game difficult and not very much fun. It was at this point that the arms of Pacifica were stretched out to me, welcoming me to what would be my home for the next half-decade.

While still in the infant stages of nation building, it was not until the war against LUEnited Nations that things truly began to take shape. It was here I also received my first nuke, a nuke that did not occur until much later in the war. You see, wars still were limited in nuclear weaponry, it was not as wide-spread day-1 use as it is today. I fought some of the finest comedians in this war, and I do slightly miss them on the political stage. During this time period I was introduced to tech trading, at which caused a massive boom for the population of my nation. It was this time I also helped victims of tech raiding with money and soldiers, with the memories of my early years still fresh. I know quite a few ‘tech-raiders’ who were in for a nasty surprise!

My nation made it largely unscathed through the years leading up to the Armageddon War, fighting the odd war here and there, building up years of progress through the high-days of the New Pacific Order. Times were good. When Armageddon came, like many other Pacificans I selflessly placed my nation on the front lines. This war, however, would test the limits of my nation.

To be blunt, the war devastated my nation. I went from approx. 9,000 infra down to .27. My technology was melted into a goo of green gunk, and my population decimated and wiped out. When finally forced to peace, my population was war-weary and tired. Reparations kept our alliance down for the better part of yet another year, and kept many of our nations down as well, given the restrictions of trading within our own alliance for that year.
Finally reparations ended, and like many other Pacificans, we experienced a boom. Comrades helped comrades, and we grew. However, what we did not realize was that such growth was deemed inappropriate, and was closely being watched. I, like many others, began to buy into the ‘new era’, where everything would be done by the book, wars to be waged with proper CBs. Say it enough times and I guess people will begin to believe it. What we did not know, is that while being tied down and shunned from the political landscape, ‘the book’ was being burned and trampled on. And thus came the last war, blindsiding my nation’s citizens and many of my comrades in the NPO.

Upon waking one morning, bombs dropped yet again. I was furious. Who would dare attack us? Bombing runs, ground attacks, nuclear detonations. What cause? What reason? Turned out the champions of change really were just that. Gone were the times of the past, of noble prospects, of respect and proper diplomacy, replaced with a world in which fear drives most of the treaty webs, not friendship.
The world may no longer as vibrant, or as bustling, as it used to be. Despite this, the Feuersturm Empire still stands in its rightful place, beside the alliances that makes this game so great. You may not like to admit it, but a good number of you owe your time in CN to the Order, as a good number of you either spent your time fighting alongside us, trying to be us, or plotting against us.

It is here my nation shall remain, and Admin willing, until the last Pacifican citizen draws its last breath.

I suppose the 5 year marks is a good time for a few shout-outs as well. It is my first real shoutout, so it’s a douzy!:

[b][u]Member Shout-Outs[/u][/b]

[b]Gumpper[/b] I cannot explain it, but for some reason you are awesome. Stay that way – and keep in touch! :P
[b]JazzLei:[/b] I remember when you were but a little guy. Now you’ve surpassed me. Keep on climbing buddy!
[b]Ivan Moldavi: [/b]You are probably the most influential figure I had to pleasure of meeting. I sometimes wonder if you are hiding behind the scenes, and the nations of Planet Bomb you puppets.
[b]Rebel Virginia: [/b] Both awesome and a jerk, but the awesome wins out. You’re in. I’ve been watching you from the deserts of Tatooine for some time…**shifty-eyes**
[b]Brehon + Brennan:[/b] Awesome I.O.s, its been an honour having you guys in our alliance.
[b]Lord of the Port: [/b] Damn, we’ve known eachother for a long time eh? Back on Derelict and all. Its still alive!
[b]Maelstrom Vortex:[/b] We’ve crossed paths enough times that I think you are a pretty cool Pacifican. Stick with us, it’s a pleasure having you here.
[b]Yamamoto:[/b] If you are still around, thanks for helping me find Pacifica. It has been an honour being here.

So many people I could shout out, but this list would get stupid long. So here is a general shoutout to all Pacificans not on this list: o/ you guys rock!

[b][u]Alliance Shout-outs[/u][/b]

[b]Legion:[/b] Nice to have had you by our side for so many years.
[b]CoJ:[/b] At first I was not sure about you guys, but you’ve been good color-buddies. Schattenmann makes your alliance wicked.
[b]FAN:[/b] You tough buggers. As much as I hate to say it, you deserve a shout out for the stuff you had to deal with.
[b]LUE:[/b] You guys were a blast to fight, and your members were some of the most fun to fight. Wars nowadays no longer have the same character.
[b]TOP:[/b] Paradox Games are awesome. No matter where you guys are on the treaty web, I respect anyone who plays P.I Games (because they are epic). If anyone frequent the PI HoI2 AAR Boards, you might recognize me.
[b]NpO:[/b] I suppose you guys are pretty [u]cool[/u], even though I sometimes wonder what is going on over there :P
[b]NSO:[/b] I never know what is going on with you guys! But Sith are cool and all, so you get a spot.

[b]New Pacific Order:[/b] Rock on my friends! Been a wonderful 5 years alongside you guys! It is my fellow members that make sticking with it an honour. o/

o/ New Pacific Order

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[quote name='Cataduanes' timestamp='1310201301' post='2753193']
Congratz ;), I hit the 5 year mark back in April and it made me wonder how great it is to see so many of us 2006'ers are still around.

The number shrinks almost every day sadly. When I first started writing that 4 days ago, I had to revise the number of members ahead of me each day :(

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Grats on 5 years! I myself am nearing 2k and it is always good to see the oldtimers around that actually remember LUE and all of that drama :P

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[quote name='Midas' timestamp='1310280108' post='2753763']
Grats on 5 years! I myself am nearing 2k and it is always good to see the oldtimers around that actually remember LUE and all of that drama :P

Same here. You guys need to come out of the woodwork more :D

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