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Well, Monos Archein is a Maroon alliance that will offer you many benefits if you join, financial included. You can remain on Aqua for the time being, we won't pester you about that. We are a very active community and share our thoughts openly and freely amongst one another.

Come check us out: http://www.monosarchein.co.cc

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The Nuclear Proliferation League is a great new aqua team alliance, as good a micro alliance as it gets. Very active guys growing fast, a lot of potential.

Farkistan's great too if you want a larger, more established alliance. One of the most powerful alliances in the game, I'm sure they'd be great as someone's first alliance.

Mushroom Kingdom is one of the best aqua alliances, but much harder to get into, and they have a rather... different sense of humor :P They're not everyone's thing, but they seem to have quite a lot of fun.

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I see my secret bacon bribes to Muz are paying off :wub:

[quote name='Emperor Arakawa' timestamp='1310062605' post='2751500']
I'm looking for a good alliance in aqua team, a good one and decent and at least some pluses for joining them?
Does anyone know any good list of alliances in aqua team I could take a look in?

To elaborate on things... yeah the NPL would love you invite you to join our halls if your interested.

We are Aqua team, a little over a month old and growing strong with over 40 nations now in the alliance. If you would like to read up more about us or join up feel free to hit up our forums at www.z15.invisionfree.com/NPL_CN

...PS - we do have this slight obession with nukes... be warned! :nuke:

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We are not aqua, but we are color blind. We have several members who inhabit the aqua sphere and many others who have been there at one time or another.

If you are looking for a place to grow in peace, come to forum.paxcorvus.com.

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