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Les exportations du Royaume de la Lumière

Shan Revan

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[color="#000099"][size="7"][font="Times New Roman"]Les exportations du Royaume de la Lumière[/font][/size][/color]

Although a new nation, Royaume de la Lumière boast many advances industries of world class. In fact market growth is projected to make RdlL host to many world leading companies. Additionally, whole new industries and products, were taking shape - supplying everyday items and luxuries that were, perhaps a little confusingly, never been created before. This has seen a massive export market grow as some of the world's finest common household, and luxury goods grow increasingly popular.

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Modern agriculture advances have made all but the poorest nations capable of producing more than enough produce to feed their nations indefinitely. However they are largely restricted to producing grains and small fruits and vegetables. With the nation crossing both tropical and temperate climes, it has a thriving produce sector creating an excess for exportation.

Here is a list of some of our produce

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A sudden desire for the finest cuisine, backed by heavy government incentives has seen the foundation of numerous world leading cuisine industries. The excelent, fresh produce and finest of ingredients has created a cuisine utopia with high quality resturaunts becoming ubiquitous throughout the nation.


Some of the world's finest chocolate is produced in the steamy foothills of the nation. The high quality, ethical labour conditions and and advanced industry of the nation has attracted the world's leading chocolatiers.


The nation has been declared by some the king of confectionary in the relatively short time since the industry appeared. The world's finest chocolates are bought from RdlL.


Large coffee plantations have begun to sprawl accross the nation as more and more people discover its wonders. Fine Arabican coffee has become commonplace within the nation and is beginning to be produced in export quantities. Coffee beans from Lumière has started growing in popularity amongst professional baristas and afficionados alike.

Competing with coffee is another formidable drink, Tea. The nutrient rich soil and climate on the Shan Plateau produce vigorous, strong and flavoursome tea leaves of the highest quality. Having been produced locally for untold time, there was already quite an established tea industry which more than meets the nation's needs. Try RdlL tea and taste the difference of quality.

Herbs and Spices

Spices are taken very seriously within the cullinary and agricultural circles of RdlL and a seemingly infinite selection is available for spice master, chef, or amatuer alike. The region, famous for its flavours throughout antiquity continues to deliver the greatest tastes in the world and they are now available for the world to enjoy. Add delicate flavours, or a strong punch to your meals today!

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The demand for consumer electronics of the highest quality worldwide, but particularly within the Realm has grown exponentially in recent years. As high speed mobile and fixed internet connections become increasingly ubiquitous, people are staying connecting in more places and for more time.

An alliance between two emerging technology giants has enabled the nation to compete worldwide in the fierce world of electronics. Every person in the nation has access to an up to date computer with internet access due to government programs, and heavy government investment into the field has seen technologies leap generations.

A wide array of smartphones has recently entered the international market. Based upon the nationally sponsored, open-source Shandroid operating system, these phones feature some of the best functionality available and a large and growing app market. Based upon the latest linux kernal, with additional security suitable for personal phones, and built in hardware encryption standard on all devices, these phones are the most secure on the world market and keep your personal data personal. True multitasking allows you to take full advantage of the inherit power in modern hardware.

One of the flagship Shandroid phones is the Galaxy, produced by Shansung. Boasting a flexible, qHD, SAMOLED display, 4.5G radio capable of 72mbps transmit rate, quadcore ARM processor running at 1.6GHZ, two gigabytes of RAM, 128GBs of internal storage, an 8MP optical zoom lense with dual xenon flash and a high quality DAC, they provide amazing speed, versatility and power. Hardware support for acceleration of all common video and sound formats operating on the stunning and vibrant screen and audiophile DAC makes this a multimedia beast.

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