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Gott Mit Uns!

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[size="4"][font="Times New Roman"][b]An Imperial Announcement from The German Empire[/b][/font][/size]

I originally intended to release this information probably about two weeks later than this, however after carefully considering the options laid before me at this point in time, it is more practical to do so now. There is no realistic way to efficiently spread word to those who were serious, dedicated and loyal to the true German Empire (read competent)[/center] other than releasing a formal statement that a revival is in the works. I can safely assure everyone who has a vested interest in the restoration of a nostalgic alliance dedicated to the memory of the German Empire, that the project is well underway and we are working hard to restore an image of competence, respect and civility.

To the world at large, we understand that our predecessors have left us in a grave disadvantage. Their poor conduct, mismanagement of their membership and the loose tongues of a few individuals has lead to the destruction of credibility and respect. For that we are truly sorry but we cannot answer for, nor will we seek to remove or forget these actions. We will merely work to rise above these events, and work diligently in the maintenance of a new Empire built upon the core foundations of loyalty, integrity, respect and camaraderie.

If you are sincerely desiring a restoration of The German Empire, and want to participate in reforming government please contact me on these forums or at our new forums (which are currently being worked on).

Some important things to keep in mind:

[*]We have yet to decide on a color sphere as of yet
[*]Our past treaties are considered void. If you had an embassy with us, we invite you to come to our new forums and open a new one
[*]Naturally, steps are being taken to protect the AA of 'The German Empire'. Please don't raid us - I'm asking nicely! :)

Kaiser Wilhelm I[/i]
[b]German Emperor[/b]

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I liked TGE, and I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with a revival, but this was very poorly done.

Also, black team was a bad idea. Just sayin.

EDIT: Party in #tge? Party in #tge.

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I can see that there really is a great deal of work left to do, in order to restore some semblance of credibility of the Empire. However, regardless of what threats are being hurled I still extend the hand of friendship to all alliances right now. Regardless of what transpired in the past, there is no advantage to be gained by perpetuating a feeling of hatred or mistrust towards a potential friend, or even ally. I will not give up in my pursuit to prove that The German Empire can rise above it's past, and contribute great things to this community again. I would choose to do that as friends with not only Nordreich, but other alliances as well. I know that if given the chance, we can all move past the mistakes of a few and look forward to a prosperous future.

As for the black sphere, I will admit that this is a temporary move and the color, logically since membership is not what it once was, can be changed. I am not in any position to compromise; do not think I assume this. I know that. I am merely asking the international community to restrain their urge to grab their lawnchairs and popcorn bags, so that reason and cool heads may win out.

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[quote name='Kaiser Wilhelm I' timestamp='1309926042' post='2750027']

As for the black sphere, I will admit that this is a temporary move and the color, logically since membership is not what it once was, can be changed.

Membership appears to be you and four guys with seniority of 600+ days.

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