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The Libertarian Socialist Federation wants YOU

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[center][url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/LSF/index.php?"][u][size="4"]Libertarian Socialist Federation[/size][/u][/url][/center]

You there! Yes you! Are you tired of having the same mundane experience in every alliance you join? Tired of having little to no say in your alliances affairs? Do something about it and join the Libertarian Socialist Federation: One of Planet Bobs oldest and most democratic alliances!

The Libertarian Socialist Federation (LSF) was formed on May 1st of 2006 by Haraldur, who laid down the basic framework for our beloved alliance.

[quote]I thought that May Day would be the appropriate time to announce the launch of the Libertarian Socialist Federation, LSF, or the Black Guards.

The role-playing aspect: Instead of Nations, the "nations" of CyberNations would be regarded as autonomous Communes inside the LSF, whose "leaders"(the players) would be regarded as delegates from the Communal Councils in each Commune. Their governments and religions and bureaucracy etc. (as in, the relevant stuff on the "View your Nations" page) would just be a front, an illusion for the rest of the world (like it says in my Commune's description on CN).

Individual initiative would be encouraged within the Federation, in such a way as everyone can be an ambassador etc.. All power would be in the Delegates' Council (a directly democratic council which all LSF members have access to), and, with the exception to things such as NAPs and alliances, and ceasefires, it would only decide policy, not legislation, which is not binding. In NAPs etc. it would be binding, except for Communes using the opt-out.

The opt-out: In order to give maximum flexibility to member Communes, if they wish to do things which might put other member Communes or the LSF as a whole in danger, they can opt-out of the parts of the alliance to do with mutual defence, mutual aid, NAPS and inter-alliance alliances. However, they still remain in the DC (Delegates' Council). The opt-out would apply to things such as attacking unaligned nations when not provoked, and the same with nations in other alliances (although it is best to be careful when doing that, for the sake of your comrades), and for spying etc.. However, even if two members have opted-out, they should not attack each other, as that weakens the alliance as a whole and so badly affects all members of the alliance. Basically, if you do something that might bring trouble for you and anyone connected to you, you can do it with the consequences affecting only yourself. Anything which is against the will of the DC can only be done by a Commune that has opted-out.

Elected representatives and commissars: There will be none, we self-organize.
Basically, the Black Guards are an alliance of autonomous communes based on the principle of self-organization and mutual aid, as demonstrated or almost demonstrated in the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution, in Germany during the German Revolution and in the Spanish Revolution.

Conditions for entry: must either be Libertarian Socialist (whether that be Anarcho-Communist, Council-Communist, Mutualist or whatever) or be willing to role-play as that. Also, all applicants involved with wars or other dangerous activity must start out opted-out, unless the war is against an unaligned nation.[/quote]

Though our alliance has changed greatly since the days of old, this is what started it all, and laid the framework for what we have today.

As a horizontalist democracy following Libertarian Socialist principals, the LSF is ran by all of our members in a non-hierarchical manner. This means that everyone can voice their opinion on a subject, propose initiatives, vote and participate in general running of the alliance. we also allow you to keep your autonomy. Thats right, you are your own master, having to answer to no one but yourself, only following the constitution of the LSF which was agreed upon by the collective. We will help you build your nation up economically and miliratily, as well as offering a great sense of community and belonging.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Libertarian Socialist Federation today!


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[quote name='Vladimir Nikanor' timestamp='1309924243' post='2749995']

Looks good :D

Join the LSF!

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