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Chancellery of Cyrantia

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[center][b]From the Desk of the Grand Chancellor of the State[/b][/center]

Hello, leaders and peoples of the world. I address you for the second time today, but this time share the news just received from the Serene Republic of Vaule. They have graciously recognized our independence as a nation. The land we have been allocated is located [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/Thing348.png]here.[/url] Our capital city is known as "Xavier".

We are now the Chancellery of Cyrantia. Let me take a moment to explain to you the basic structure of our government. Our national leader is called the Grand Chancellor of the State. I, Sergei Aleksandrov, have been chosen to be the first of this position. I was chosen in a small vote among the founders of the nation, but all future Grand Chancellors will be [b]publicly[/b] elected. The Grand Chancellor is supported by a cabinet of High Chancellors, who are appointed to lead certain divisions of the nation. These High Chancellors are also publicly elected.

These positions have no term limit, as once a Chancellor is elected, his term is considered to be the remainder of his lifetime. There are two exceptions to this, however. If any Chancellor is observed to be abusing his power grossly, the Cabinet (excluding the offending member) may call a vote amongst itself to impeach him. This vote requires a majority to pass. Chancellors may also resign or retire for any reason at any time.

We also recognize the importance of maintaining what we consider to be basic human rights - freedom of religion, speech, press, etc. We shall maintain an air of freedom by setting no national religion and by allowing all [b]non-violent[/b] protests to continue unchallenged. Protests which turn violent shall be considered riots, and will be stopped by our military and/or police force.The Chancellery intends to put special emphasis when making all decisions on keeping human rights secure.

Now that we have covered the most basic structure of government and policies regarding human beings, we'd like to address the community. We hope you are all satisfied with our first official statement as a nation and will recognize us as an independent state. If you have any questions relating to anything having to do with our country, I will gladly answer them as promptly as I can.

Lastly, we wish to extend the hand of diplomacy to any and all nations who are interested in discussions. We hope to forever be on friendly terms with our benefactor and neighbor SR Vaule, as well as our neighbors Marscurian Siberia, the USRS, and the UFE. We place emphasis on the importance of diplomacy between our states. Our nations must soon meet to discuss matters of diplomatic affairs, in any venue seen fit.

[b]Once again signed,[/b]

Sergei Aleksandrov
Grand Chancellor of the State

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The United Socialist Republic of Siberia welcomes and congratulates the Chancellery of Cyrantia on gaining independence and we wish to dispatch an ambassador to your Nation to discuss matters of mutual interest at a time of your convenience.

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