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FTC Announcement

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Tactical Fire Accord


The Two alliance's of The First Tactical Corps. and Phoenix Fyre hereby recognize Mutual respect for each other.

Article I. Sovereignty
By affixing their signatures, both parties to this treaty, namely First Tactical Corps. and Phoenix Fyre, make it clear that each will remain sovereign alliances, independent from one another.

Article II. Non-Aggression
No member nation of either alliance is to commit aggressive acts against the other signatory. This includes providing military, financial, or technological assistance, or information of any kind to any outside party hostile to the other signatory.

Article III. Civility
Both signatories agree to treat members of the other signatory with respect, and shall not participate in any attack, be they verbal and/or physical.

Article IV. Optional Defense
If one signatory should be attacked then the other is encouraged but not obligated to offer assistance.

Article V. Espionage
Neither alliance may participate in espionage of any type against the other, regardless of situation and target.

Article VI. Termination
Should either signatory feel that this treaty is no longer an accurate demonstration of the good will between the two signatory alliances for any reason they may cancel this agreement by contacting the other signatory through proper diplomatic channels and notifying them with in seventy two (72) hours prior to the public cancellation

Signed for First Tactical Corps
Presidant Joe ~ Commander and Chief
Heavy Metal Hippie ~ First Lieutenant
King William II ~ Second Lieutenant

Signed for Phoenix Fyre
Lord Caesar ~ The Phoenix
Pokeikon ~ Legatus Legionis of Phoenix Fyre
President David ~ Ambassador of Phoenix Fyre

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[quote name='Edward Reed' timestamp='1310017869' post='2751207']
FTC is a protectorate of TSA and Phoenix Fyre is a protectorate of NpO
Ok, gotcha, I shouldn't expect to see them go far then.

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