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A Hereno Announcement


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So, as I'm sure you've all noticed, today I finally had a nation reach a year old. This is actually my third incarnation, not counting all the resource rerolls, and I'm quite proud of it... in a weird, nerdy sense. You can look over to the side and see that I made my OWF account in September of '08, but I actually joined the game in spring of '08. I can't say exactly when, so I've decided that I will be celebrating my anniversary of joining CN on the same day as my nation's anniversary, which makes today 3 full years of Hereno.

Seeing how long I've been around, I still feel like I missed out on most of the good stuff which happened at the beginning of CN. I also wish I had accomplished a bit more in my time. That said, I've done more than most who play (even if it's not always on the world stage), and don't plan on kicking the bucket anytime soon. There will be no personal shout-outs, partially because I'm scared I'd forget someone, and partially because that is a distraction from celebrating me. So, there you go. Hooray 1/3 years!

o/ Ragnarok
o/ The Corporation
o/ Athens
o/ Tetris

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