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Monos Archein

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[/center][center][font="Courier New"]Integrity | Friendship | Responsibility | Honour[/font][/center][center] [/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"][b]Forums:[/b] www.monosarchein.co.cc[/font][/center][center][font="Courier New"][b]Irc Channel(public): [/b]#archein[/font][/center][center][font="Courier New"][b]Leader:[/b] Mvbomber, Archein of Monos Archein[/font][/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"]Monos Archein is a maroon based alliance and we were once the largest Maroon alliance on Bob... our aim is to get back to that position! We recently reformed and we intend to rebuild our alliance, using the world famous [i]MA Spirit[/i]. Our founding principles of Integrity, Friendship, Responsibility and honour are key parts of our culture. We know we aren't the largest alliance in CN. We wouldn't even claim to be, but we truly believe that we are the best alliance on bob and that the culture and atmosphere in Monos Archein is unmatched [b]anywhere![/b][/font][/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"]We don't take ourselves too seriously, but what we do take seriously is our friendship, with other MonArchs and with our allies.[/font][/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"]if you'd like to become a part of the New Monos Archein, then feel free to drop by our forums to see what we're about. [/font][/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"]o/ Monos Archein[/font][/center][center] [/center][center][font="Courier New"]The Eagle shall return to where she belongs.[/font][/center][center] [/center][center] [/center]

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