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Free Papua


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The Papuan people, having had no nation for some time have petitioned the Oceanic Union for independence. With tacit approval from Selenactos, the people set out to form a provisional government governing all the territories of the Papuan people.

[i]Grand Papua[/i][/center]

"The Papuan people have set themselves on the path of national glory, as for the first time in our history, we have established an unified state representing the Papuan people. With the approval of Selenactos as representative of the Oceanic Union, we declare the independence of Grand Papua!"

OOC: Hello Oceania!

Edited by Kankou
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OOC: Back to your old home eh? Lets try and avoid attempts to sink it this time :V

We are pleased to hear the papuan people have risen to independently govern themselves. May they choose a responsible and wise leader who will nurture this infant nation to greatness.

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OOC: Kankou, based on the original ruling a few years ago recently confirmed by the current GM staff in the case where Timmy nuked. You have to rp severe damages to your current nation for a period of 3 months. This basically means that because you were nuked and fired nuked yourselves for the aforementioned period the damages that would have happened in Korea need to be rp'd in your new nation.

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