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A Spectacular Announcement from Your Friends at SLCB

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[center][b][size="5"]1000 DAYS OF SUCCESSFUL FLOATING[/size][/b][/center]

Now listen up all, cuz this is it, the box that we're floating on is seaworthy.

Sorry, it's 12 in the morning and I am writing, so get ready for some bad attempts at comedy.

Now, in all seriousness I don't really know what more to post about us being here for so long. I love this alliance to death though, and I know a lot of others do too. For all you haters out there (yeah, there are a lot, I know), I have one thing to say. Come at me bruh. Since that is cleared up, I want to see a lot of hailing and stuff. I'll probably come back to post more about this when I wake up in 6 hours.

[center][size="5"]Next on the Agenda:[/size][/center]
[center][b][size="5"]AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE "LETS MAKE ONE ANYWAY" BLOC[/size][/b][/center]

In the last Tetris announcement the "Let's Make One Anyway" Bloc was announced, in response to the leaking of information concerning the bloc SLCB/Tetris was forming. Well, we didn't know we were forming one, so we went to our buddies in Tetris, and they didn't know either. So we thought hey, Let's Make One Anyways! And we did. It was received to great lulz, which made us very sad. We were serious guys, and you laughed at us.

In response to your laughing at us, Tetris and SLCB have decided to disband the "Let's Make One Anyway" Bloc. Yes, it's official. LMOA is over.


[center][size="5"]You think we're done? Not yet sir![/size][/center]


Selena is back, and looking better than anyone! Now, you know that SLCB and Tetris are inseperable. I mean, how else do we spend our days at sea, playing Risk? No, we play tetris you fools. So, since we had disbanded LMOA, we decided, hey "Let's Make Another One"!. This is the announcement of a brand new bloc, a new and improved one. More info to come in later posts.

Signed, once again;

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[center]Congratulations on reaching 1000 days and -- your non-existent bloc?[/center]

[center][i]Hi to Randy and CelesteA![/i][/center]

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Congrats to SLCB. They're a truly greaty bunch of people and it is an honor to be in this new bloc together.

LMAO is a much better acronym.

:wub: ncc
:wub: dane0
:wub: danosaur
:wub: CelesteA

:ph34r: [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Let%27s_Make_Another_One"]The Bloc is a lie[/url] :ph34r:

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