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This Isn't Your Ordinary Lockout

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[center][b][size="5"]Announcement from OMFG & BN[/size][/b]


BN & OMFG sign an OADP.


For The Basketball Ninjas
President of Basketball Operations - Jack Shepard
Front Office - BN Ministry


Chieftain - Kill Joy
Pochtecatl Tribune - Autosave
Pathfinder Tribune - Calderone
Drunken Elder - Jedaye da Geordie


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This is just awesome. Its been great to get to know Basketball Ninjas over the past year and I'm really excited to see what our future holds together. Now with the lockout we've got even more time for shens and games!

P.S. I think we all know who drank the Stella. :awesome:

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Glad to see this up in lights. Now, let`s make like the Mavs and find ourselves some giants to knock off...BN is going to have a lot of free time on our hands over the next year or thereabouts.

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Congrats to OMFG and to BN!

OMFG, remember

"The secret is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy."
~Jerry Tarkanian

From one BN ally to another, welcome to the BN cheering section ;)

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Glad to see we've got this done. As Schad said, we at BN have a lot to do with the impending lockout, so now we have some new shiny dance partners.


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